Grade 1 Homework

Welcome to the Grade 1 Homework page! In Grade 1, homework will remain much the same throughout the year. Our primary focus this year is reading daily to improve fluency, vocab and literacy skills. From time to time the children may have an additional task which I will assign in class and list on this homework page.  Please keep an eye on our Grade 1 page, I will endeavor to update our page as often as I can. I will also post reminders and homework hints here on the homework page. Keep reading every day with your child. Reading is the royal road to learning and our mantra in Grade 1 is ”Reading is reading is reading” no matter what we are reading we are learning!

Monday Jan 28th: Home Reading, Practice Speech Arts Poem

Tuesday Jan 29th: Home Reading, Practice Speech Arts Poem

Wednesday Jan 30th: Home Reading, Practice Speech Arts Poem

Thursday Jan 31st: Home Reading,Practice Speech Arts Poem

Friday Jan 31st: Home Reading

Bring library book back for Monday

Practice Speech Arts Poem



Grade 1 Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.