Grade 6 Homework

6 Grade

Welcome to the Grade 6 Homework Page

LIVE STREAMING OF MASS – Holy Rosary Cathedral  (Copy & Paste into your browser)

MONDAY, May 11th, 2020

  • Thursday, May 14th, 2020 – St. Jude Walk-a-thon Day – Take a picture and share how you participated. Mr. VDP declared no homework will be assigned on this day so join in the fun!
  • Friday and Monday – Holidays – no Homework will be posted.

FRIDAY, April 24th, 2020

  • Zoom Meetings – today! Log on for your session!
  • Bored? Have some extra time? Don’t know what to do on a rainy day?                                                     Check out some Virtual Field Trips – new tab on your Google Classroom.

TUESDAY, April 21ST, 2020

  • Please let Ms. Corea know if any time slot changes need to be made for the Friday ZOOM meeting. The link will be sent to parents Wednesday afternoon/evening.
  • FRENCH Resource – One great website for students to improve and practice their French skills is:          THIS IS NOT MANDATORY, only a suggestion.

WEDNESDAY, April 15th, 2020

  • Regular homework & new assignments are on Google Classroom – Parents have your child sign in daily & monitor the upcoming for due dates and action the daily math.


  • Parents look for your child’s sign-in & password to Raz-Kids reading program.  Each parent will receive an email sent by Mrs. Mudrovcic one of the Educational Assistants in the class (a name you may not recognize). The email has a ending.
  • I hope to have Zoom video conferences with the students this Friday with the times you selected. Please also look for that link in your email later today.

TUESDAY, APRIL 14th, 2020 

  • Daily Do / Mathletics/ Journals – ongoing / Raz-Kids as of Thursday
  • Mark Jump Math Pgs. 93-97 – Answer Keys are posted
  • New- Jump Math Pgs 98-101 /due for Wed.
  • New – Science – Exploring Our Solar System/ due for Thurs.
  • New – PE
  • Always track your due dates expand the items in the Upcoming 
  • Your parents will be emailed your sign-ins for Raz-Kids reading by WEDNESDAY

THURSDAY, APRIL 9TH, 2020  ~  Holy Thursday

Good job, Grade 6. Everyone seems to be navigating & working through Google Classroom nicely. There have not been many problems, only a few follow-up questions.

  • Remember to read the daily announcement in Google Classroom. Then go to the Classroom tab for the assignments which appear under the various topics.
  • Prayer should start your day. Today there is a great option provided for you & families under the Music tab.
  • If you check the Upcoming Dialogue Box it will remind of the various Due Dates.
  • Today: Complete Daily Do, and the Pink Moon paragraph. These two assignments are due today.
  • Today: Also, sign in to Mathletics, mark the Angles worksheets with the answer keys provided. Work on the new JUMP MATH 6.1  pages assigned – on Tuesday the answer keys will be provided. Now, you need to practice the math concept before you get assessed. Just like someone would not be asked to take a Drivers Test without practicing, I will not take in the practice marks for now. However, if you choose not to do the work (practice the skill) you will have problems when it comes time for the test.
  • New: Career Planning a.) Take a Picture of your Learning Environment b.) Creating a Personal Daily Timetable – Due Tuesday.

The next announcements will come on Tuesday, after the holiday.

Wishing everyone a most Blessed Easter!


  • Students: Daily Do is your check-in & counts towards your attendance
  • Daily personal prayer
  • Read Google Classroom stream – Watch Ms. Corea’s video – Note: you can only watch my YouTube with the link provided since they are private.
  • New Assignment – Pink Moon Paragraph/ due Thursday
  • Mathletics, Journals, & read 20 min.
  • Find your protractors / Geometry Unit is starting

MONDAY, APRIL 6th, 2020

  • Parents: pick up student supplies at their selected times.
  • Students: Complete the Daily Do – test, Mathletics (20 min.), Journal Entries may be started on Google Docs, Read a novel for minimum 20 minutes, set up your work area once you get your school supplies

FRIDAY, APRIL 3rd, 2020

  • Thank you to everyone who responded to my initial email!
  • Please look for a parent consent email sent from the office & Parent Needs Survey that was sent out late this evening.


Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and are safe!


  • I sent out an email going over some basics for next week. Please reply back to me, so that I know I have a valid email for each family.
  • Check that your child remembers their Mathletics sign in & email (with a private password they assigned themselves)
  • Every school day will have to sign in to Google Classroom for announcements, classwork, and to complete their Daily Do / Check-In. 
  • The Daily-Do will start on Tuesday next week.  Daily Do ~ Check-in – is due every school day before 11:59 p.m. / this is their informal attendance check / to be completed at some point during the day – turned in through Google Classroom.  I have packed photocopied booklets inside your child’s school supply bag (tucked inside their portfolios) They can write their answers in the booklets ahead of time & enter the answer to the daily question in Google Classroom.  For the Daily Do – do not submit it early – only on the specific date.
  • Remember to pick up your child’s supplies on Monday at the time you selected
  • Please feel free to email me if your child does not have access to a laptop, Chromebook, iPad
  • Next week, I will be sending out sign-ins for Raz Kids  & explain how & when we will connect as a class on Zoom
  • I hope to answer any parent emails within 24 hours. Please be patient with me during this challenging time.  If your children have questions they are encouraged to connect with me via Google Classroom.

Look forward to working together! God bless your families!




Grade 6 Upcoming Events

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