Mr. Fitz

Grade 3 Teacher

While attaining his Bachelors of Art in Criminology at SFU, Mr. Lukas Fitz began working within the CISVA’s French-immersion system as an Educational Assistant, coach, and eventually as a Teacher on Call. Shifting his focus away from law, he returned to SFU and attained a Bachelors of Education with a focus as an Elementary Generalist. This is Mr. Fitz’ second year as a full-time classroom teacher and he is excited to share this year both with his grade 3 students and the St. Jude community as a whole. Mr. Fitz most enjoys sharing his love and appreciation of the environment and
the beauty of all of God’s wondrous creations.

Mr. Fitz is born and raised in North Vancouver and is a product of the CISVA Elementary and Secondary systems. Mr. Fitz is an avid hiker, camper, fisherman and general outdoor enthusiast. If he is not outdoors however, Mr. Fitz is likely eating sushi and comparing Vancouver Canucks jerseys collections with Mr. Mow. He also loves soccer (playing and watching), reading, video games, gardening and maintaining his ever-growing aquarium collection.

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