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St. Jude School receives government funding for operating expenses (the parish provides the money for all capital costs) at a rate of 50 % of what our public schools receive. This, of course, is unjust to parents, as you pay the same taxes everyone else does, but are penalized for your freedom to choose to have your children at St. Jude by having to pay tuition fees. With a provincial election coming up next year, many organizations with political influence are beginning their campaigns to influence voters, and more importantly, political parties and individual Members of the Legislative Assembly, in their favour. One of the strategies that is currently developing from some lobby groups is a direct attack on government funding of independent schools. We need to counter this attack with facts and arguments for the good that independent schools bring to our province. I ask for your help today in providing some of the facts needed by filling out a survey that consists of 3 questions that will take less than 30 seconds of your time. This survey can be accessed here:  . This survey needs to be completed by July 1st. Thanks for your help!


Patriot Newsletter for June 23, 2016


Absolute last chance!  If you haven’t ordered a copy, bring your money ($10.00) in tomorrow with23Jun1 the form included at the back of this newsletter. The Yearbook Club, consisting of several students in Grade 7 under the direction of Mr. Penaso have worked many lunch hours gathering photos and laying out pages in Microsoft Publisher to provide us with a record of this year at St. Jude. We are very proud of the great job our students have done!

Hello, Shakespeare!

Shakespeare is alive and well! The St. Jude Drama Club invites families to come and view our production “Hello, Shakespeare” to take place this Friday, June 24th at 1:30 pm in the school gym. No tickets required.  Come and join us as we stroll down memory lane and experience  various parts of Shakespeare’s famous plays.

Coffee Time

Our last parent coffee meeting for this academic year is on Friday, June 24th at 8:45am.  Join us in the music room for discussion on school related topics and to socialize with other parents.

Concert Time

9:00AM, Tuesday, June 28th in the Gym

It’s time again for a little concert to show off the instruments of the St. Jude String Orchestras.  The Junior and Senior Orchestras will play three pieces of music showcasing different styles and then finish the event with an instrument petting zoo so that the students in the audience can have turns trying out the violin and cello.

The orchestra program at St. Jude School is not just for experienced players but also for beginners. You might have a son or daughter going into grades 2 – 7 who would like to join in September. If you have any questions you can email the director Andrew Luchkow at

If your child would like to join the orchestra, here are some answers to common questions about the program.

Who can join and what’s the commitment?

The St.Jude Orchestra is open to grades 2 through 7.  Students should expect a weekly time commitment of:

  • One orchestra class on Thursday mornings (Senior orchestra 8:00 – 9:00 for grades 5 – 7 / Junior orchestra 9:00 – 9:45 for grades 2 – 4) Classroom teachers do not schedule any new academic instruction during the orchestra class time.
  • One shared lesson (45 min)/ or private lesson (15 min), usually on Mondays or Wednesdays between 3:00pm and 7:30pm

20-30 minutes of home practice five days per week.

How much does it cost?

  • 8 monthly payments of $65 to St. Jude School: Covers one weekly orchestra class, and one weekly shared lesson (45 min) or private lesson (15 min). Fees for cello students are lower to make up for the higher cost of renting a cello.

Around $130 annually to rent an instrument from Long and McQuade Musical Instruments, and supplies costing $20 – $40.

Students who want a longer private lesson can have 30 minutes per week for an additional fee.  Advanced students, who currently have lessons with another teacher outside of St. Jude School, pay only for the weekly orchestra class ($104 annually).

How do I register for orchestra and get an instrument?

To register, come to the orchestra meeting on Friday, September 9th, immediately after school in the Meeting Room downstairs.  At the orchestra meeting parents and students will register, describe their lesson time availability, get sized for an instrument (even if you already own one), rent an instrument, and pay orchestra fees to the school. You can save yourself a trip to Long and McQuade by submitting the instrument rental agreement to store representatives visiting the school.  All returning students must also attend the meeting to re-register and be re-sized (in case they need to get a larger instrument). Students will be able to pick up their instrument rental during their first lesson.

 What will my child’s lesson time be?

Most of the weekly shared lessons occur on Mondays or Wednesdays.  During orchestra registration you will receive a chart for listing all of the times your child is available for lessons ranked in order of preference.  It’s a challenging puzzle to arrange a shared lesson schedule that matches, instrument, similar age, music experience, and compatibility, but many get their first or second choice. Lessons will begin during the week of Monday Sept. 19th.

Where can I get more information about orchestra?

E-mail Andrew Luchkow at for more information about the orchestra program.

Victoria Field Trip

23Jun2On Friday, June 17 the Grades 4 & 5 traveled to Victoria and it was an adventure. We travelled the whole day, to the Legislative Assembly and the Royal Museum of British Columbia. In the Museum there were many funny and interesting things we saw all around the place. The Grades 4 & 5 would like to thank Mrs. Chao, Mrs. Girotto, Mr. Mow and all the parents who came with us, for a wonderful field trip, and also the great supervision. It was such an amazing field trip, a field trip that we will never forget!

Althea and Gloria~Grade 5

Summer Reading Club

Get ready to have fun all season long with free summer programs for kids and families. Gear up for adventures at your library with stories, imagination, and fun activities!

Kids can sign-up for free at their nearest Vancouver Public Library branch starting June 17 until the end of the summer. Once registered, club members can attend free events and earn a 2016 Summer Reading Club medal by reading for at least 15 minutes a day for 50 days.  Visit for more details.

23Jun3Congratulation to Mr and Mrs. Thoi Nguyen on the birth of their baby daughter Eleena on June 5th.  Eleena is the sister to Elise in Grade 2

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News & Reminders

  • We have some openings at St. Jude School next September in Grade 4. If you are aware of any families who might be interested, please let them know.
  • Summertime is fast approaching and, with it, many end-of-the-year jobs. The library is commencing inventory and, parents, you can help. Please check your home for lost library books (good places to look are book shelves, under the couch and, especially, in your children's rooms) and then repatriate  these strays to the school. Thank-you for your help.
  • All are invited to our Farewell Assembly on Monday June 27 at 11:00 am. A special celebration of Mrs. Bedford’s time at St. Jude is planned.
  • Last day of School –June 29th—Early Dismissal at 12 noon
  • Please stay tuned for Participation assignments.  Emails are in the process of being sent out.  For any enquiries, please contact Richelle Akol at or by phone/text at (604) 307-7837.