School Life

St. Jude School is a diverse learning environment that offers an enriching educational experience for students. From engaging lessons to hands on learning to field trips to extracurricular activities our students have numerous opportunities to explore and grow as people.

Our Catholic Faith

St. Jude School promotes a variety of experiences designed to foster growth in students. As a Catholic school, our students encounter their faith through daily prayer, through weekly mass, through school wide prayer services, through outreach opportunities, and through the religious education.

Academic Excellence

Our teachers work very hard to educate and support students in their pursuit of academic excellence. Within each classroom, students are challenged to learn new skills that will allow them to succeed. Students are encouraged to voice their opinions and to take risks in their thinking. At St. Jude School we have a variety of in-class and extra curricular opportunities to help foster academic growth in our students.

Diverse Learning Opportunities

At St. Jude School, students will experience a multitude of different approaches to learning. We believe that an enriching education is one that makes use of field trips, hands on learning, integration of technology, cross curricular approaches, and always places students first.


Students at St. Jude School have the opportunity to play on a variety of school sports teams that are offered throughout the year. Starting in Gr. 2, students can participate in Cross Country. In the fall and winter seasons, team sports such as Volleyball and Basketball are offered to Gr. 5 to 7 students. We have many parents and teachers that support our sports teams through serving as coaches and sponsors. As a Catholic school, we play in the Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese league. Our sports philosophy is one that promotes athletic excellence and achievement while allowing for an inclusive environment.


St. Jude School provides extra curricular opportunities for students in the area of the Arts. Each Wednesday, our Senior and Junior Strings Orchestra bands rehearse before and after school. They also feature in our Christmas Concert and our Spring Concert. The String Orchestra program is led by Dr. Luchkow. Our teachers also support the arts. Miss Smillie and Ms. Ryan lead our Drama Club and Choirs, and Ms. Corea our Art Club.

A Caring Community

Belonging to St. Jude School means being part of a caring community. We work to ensure that every student and parent feels welcomed. At the student level we use Buddy Classes and Peer Buddies to ensure each student feels safe and connected. At the parent level, we have a monthly coffee where parents can meet and socialize with each other. Our parents also come together to volunteer their time for the various initiatives at our school. From our Annual Walkathon to supervision to maintenance jobs, our parents are deeply committed to making our school great.

St. Jude Parish

Our school is an extension of the parish. Without the support of the Parish we could not function. Fr. Jun Reyes is a supportive and caring pastor who wants what is best for all students who enter our doors. The parish supports the spiritual formation of students as well as providing financial support to the school. We believe that the education of a child is a communal effort made between the family, the parish, and the school. Together we work to provide a strong foundation for all students of St. Jude School.