About St. Jude School

We are a Kindergarten to Grade 7 Catholic School located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Located in the beautiful city of Vancouver, St. Jude School first opened its doors in 1955 as a Kindergarten to Grade 7 Catholic elementary school. St. Jude School was established to serve the educational needs of the parish and neighbouring communities.

Our school follows the BC Curriculum and our teaching staff is committed to supporting all students. A tour of our school would reveal teachers who care about each student and work hard to create engaging learning opportunities for each student, while providing a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy as these skills are essential to student success. Our school is supportive of students with special needs and we have a strong team of Educational Assistants, a Reading Specialist, and a Learning Resource Coordinator who work to ensure all of our students are supported in achieving their learning goals. Our school also employs specialist teachers in Physical Education and Music. Students of St. Jude School receive an education that prepares them for the world they encounter.

As the school community of St. Jude Parish, we are committed to providing an enriching faith-based education. Our students attend weekly mass. Our students volunteer their time in service to others. Our students raise funds to support local charities. Our students participate in the sacramental programs of Confession, Holy Communion, and Confirmation. Our students pray daily and are taught to see the message of our faith is infused into every aspect of their life.

If you want to learn more about our school come by for a visit. One of our student leaders would be happy to give you a tour of the school.

The 4 R's of St Jude's


For a student to be respectful it means they exhibit a deep admiration for someone or something. To be respectful means then to acknowledge that people, nature, materials, and even everyday objects are worthy of our admiration. Respect means to treat people and things with kindness and care because that shows our admiration. At St. Jude School we expect all students, staff, and parents to be Respectful.


For a student to be reverent means to take their level of respect to an even higher or deeper level. We reserve this adjective to describe the type of attitude and behavior we would expect to see in a sacred space. Signs of reverence include being silent in the presence of God inside a church. It means genuflecting before God to show our humble approach before the divine. It means showing deep care for all of life in all of its stages. Reverence then builds on respect. It is a much deeper form of respect. It is care for others. It puts the value of life at the center. At St. Jude School we expect all students, staff, and parents to be Reverent.


For a student to be responsible means they need to choose their response. It is the ability to choose that determines the degree of responsibility we have. A responsible person takes control of their choices. They accept the consequences for their choices. They do not blame others for their mistakes and instead they learn from them. At St. Jude School we expect students, staff, and parents to be Responsible.


For a student to be resilient means they are able to withstand and recover from difficult conditions. One of the realities of life is that it is difficult and hard. It is no accident that the cross is the essential symbol of our faith. Life is both joy and suffering. To know this means we need to equip ourselves with the right kinds of characteristics so that when the suffering comes, and it will come, we can move through the suffering and not allow it to become all consuming and send us in a downward spiral. Well, how do we do this? Through sacrifice. Resilient people sacrifice their immediate wants and pleasures for a higher goal or aim. By aiming for the greatest good, resilient people are able to withstand the challenging times. At St. Jude School, we expect students, staff, and parents to be Resilient.


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