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We have a wealth of resources for families in our school library.  We have books, DVDs and CDs to help parents deal with issues on raising children, improving family communication, siblings without rivalry, adhd, sexuality, catholicism and much more.

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The importance of praise

Do you praise your children when they do well? Did you know that the way you praise them has a tremendous affect on how well they do in the future? Check out this video for more information.

The Vision of Parent Leaders – James Stenson

The real mission for parents is to raise their children toward responsible adulthood. No challenge is more important than this, and so great parents emerge in family life as real leaders. How do fathers and mothers lead their children effectively? To form a picture of parental leadership, let’s look at the characteristics of leaders and see how parents fit the profile of leadership in family life.

Discipline – Dr. Ray Guarendi

Discipline – it’s a word that once had a pretty good reputation. Parents instinctively knew that discipline was something kids needed.

Raising Children of Character: 10 Principles – Thomas Lickona

Parenting is arguably the hardest job there is and the one for which we get no training. Here are ten principles of parenting that can guide us in the demanding work of raising children of character.

Finding Time for Fathering – Steve Wood

You will never hear a man towards the end of his life voicing regrets about spending too little time at the office. You will often hear regrets about too little time spent with family. How can we learn wisdom about prioritizing our time before we have spent it? The secret to time management is remembering to observe the Third Commandment.


A Father’s Unity of Life – James Stenson

A successful father exercises leadership at home as much as on the job — and in roughly the same ways.

Born to Serve, Not to Shop — Effective Parenting in a Nutshell – James Stenson

The real evil of materialism is not the pursuit of things. It is, rather, seeing and treating other people as things — and therefore putting things ahead of people

Discipline: What Works and Why? – James Stenson

Here are some basic ideas about the parents’ role of moral leadership in the family, often referred to as “discipline.”

Educating in Virtue – JAMES STENSON

Children growing up today are headed toward some formidable challenges.

How to Ruin Your Children – AUTHOR UNKNOWN

Twelve sure fire principles of parenting guaranteed to produce delinquent children.

Moral Imagination Filling Our Children with Good Things – James Duffy

Imagination will work on what we give it. If Pokemon and Terminator are the only things feeding the imagination, then they will form our dreams, too

Prevent Peer Cruelty and Promote Kindness – Thomas Lickona

Schools have no higher moral obligation to students and their parents than to do everything in their power to prevent peer cruelty and create a culture of kindness and respect.

Qualities of Successful Parents – JAMES STENSON

James Stenson outlines the proven methods and techniques of effective Christian parenting today.

Teach Manners – Thomas Lickona

Manners are minor morals. They are the everyday ways we respect other people and facilitate social relations. They make up the moral fabric of our shared lives. They need to be taught.

Teaching Maturity and Considerateness at Home – JAMES STENSON

James Stenson provides a brief, but clear outline of what exactly we mean when we speak of maturity, why it is so important, and how to go about teaching it in the home and at school.

The Essential Father – James Dobson

Thirty years ago it was believed that poverty and discrimination were primarily responsible for juvenile crime and other behavioral problems. Now we know that family disruption is the real culprit.

Christian Marriage

Habits for a Happy Marriage – Richard Fitzgibbons, M.D.

In my 34 years of working with Catholic couples, I have observed seven major conflicts that create severe marital stress. The good news is that these weaknesses can be overcome.

Marriage: A Way to Heaven – Deacon Douglas McManaman

Today is Marriage Sunday and the Archbishop has asked us to preach on marriage, and our pastor in turn has asked me to address this topic, probably because I am married.

Why Marriage Is Good for You – Maggie Gallagher

Recently, I had the opportunity to review the scientific evidence on the consequences of marriage for adults. What I found surprised me. Quietly, with little fanfare, a broad and deep body of scientific literature has been accumulating that affirms what Genesis teaches: it is not good for man to be alone — no, nor woman neither. In virtually every way that social scientists can measure, married people do much better than the unmarried or divorced: they live longer, healthier, happier, sexier, and more affluent lives.

“Between Man and Woman”

A statement of the US Bishops concerning same sex marriage.


Five non-religious arguments for marriage over living together – Dennis Prager

There are enormous differences between being a “husband” or a “wife” and being a “partner,” a “friend” or a “significant other”.

Contraception: Why Not? – Janet Smith

Janet Smith explains why the Catholic Church keeps insisting, in the face of the opposite position held by most of the rest of the modern world, that contraception is one of the worst inventions of our time.

Protecting the Traditional Definition of Marriage in Canada – Stephen Harper

Canadian Alliance Leader Stephen Harper blasted the government of Canada in the House of Commons for its failure to protect marriage in what is being described as the best speech Harper has ever delivered. A motion to affirm the traditional heterosexual definition of marriage was defeated by a vote of 132-137 in large part because of the efforts of Catholic Prime Minister Jean Chretien and the lobbying of members of his caucus

The Practice of Natural Family Planning – FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

A question for you regarding Catholics who practice artificial birth control: What is their status in the Church? Are they committing mortal sin? I feel that this is a much misunderstood question by most Catholics, including myself. To further muddle the issue, what is the Church ‘s position when one’s spouse does not want to practice NFP?

Faith and Life

The Mass and the Four Most Important Lessons of Childhood – Michael P. Foley

The four principal ends of the Mass are also the four most important things to teach our children—and ourselves.

Are You Growing Holier? – Jeff Mirus

How do we know whether we are growing in holiness?

How to be truly happy – Father John Hardon, S.J.

One of the deepest mysteries of life is that of happiness.

How to Keep Your Children Catholic – Father John A. Hardon, S.J.

This is surely an unusual subject for today’s conference, “How To Keep Your Children Catholic.” The subject may be unusual but it is desperately important. I would like to briefly address myself to three questions, expressed in three words, Why? What? and How?


“The Eucharist Is Not a Meal Among Friends” – Pope Benedict XVI

Here is a translation of the homily Benedict XVI gave via satellite Sunday at the closing Mass of the 49th International Eucharistic Congress. The congress was held in Quebec City.

Activities for Lent – COLEEN ROONEY

Pope Paul VI in 1969 reminded us in his introduction to the revised liturgical calendar that the season of Lent/Easter is a special time of the year and exerts much influence upon us which can lead to a deepening of our faith if we make use of it. The following are some activities that you may find helpful as you participative with your family (especially with young children) in observing these special 40 days.

All Saints and All Souls – Fr. William Saunders

What are the origins of All Saints and All Souls Day. Are these linked with paganism and Halloween?

Bringing Christmas to Life Again – Fr. Roger J. Landry

In 1223, St. Francis of Assisi inaugurated a pious practice that in places today has become so common that many think that it always existed.

Catholic Traditions for Advent and Christmas – Michaelann Martin

Issue: How can families better live the spirit of Advent and Christmas in their homes?

Confirmation – CHARLES M. MANGAN

Just what are the effects of Confirmation? It is difficult to imagine a better summary than that given in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Eucharist, Holy Meal – Scott Hahn

We’re going to be focusing on the very center of the faith this morning, and I feel so woefully inadequate because there is just so much to say about the Blessed Sacrament.

Friday Abstinence – Grace MacKinnon

Dear Grace, I would like to know what is behind the abstinence of meat on Fridays of Lent. Being a Catholic, I was asked that question and I was unable to answer it. Please answer this in your column during Lent if possible.

Making a Good Confession – FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

I have heard the priests of my parish encouraging us to go to confession during Lent. I admit I have not been to confession in years because I am not sure I know how to go to confession. With all the changes that occurred in the ’60s, would you please review how to go to confession?

Thanksgiving After Holy Communion – Fr. Edwin Gordon

The dismissal prayer at Mass, Ite missa est, which is often translated as “Go, Mass is ended” or “Go to love and serve the Lord” is interpreted by the majority of the faithful as a command to leave the church as soon as possible. Inestimabile Donum, the document published by the Sacred Congregation with the authority of the Pope, emphasizes the importance of adoration and prayer after Holy Communion.

The Eucharist and Culture – Ralph McInerny

When she was being drawn to the faith, Edith Stein went into a Catholic church and was fascinated by the sight of people coming and going, kneeling for a time in silent prayer and then leaving. Making a visit, in the phrase; coming to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

The Importance of Prayer – Deacon Doug McManaman

The purpose of our life is to learn how to pray, to acquire a rich interior contemplative life

The Rules of Fasting – FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Recently I was discussing the Lenten fasting and abstinence regulations with a friend. He told me that a person is supposed to fast one hour before receiving Holy Communion. I honestly have never heard that before. Can you clear up this matter for me?

Sexuality Education

“Sexual Wisdom” – a summary – Dr. RICHARD WETZEL, M.D.

The sexual revolution promised to give people greater freedom and joy in their sex lives; but has resulted in record levels of sexually transmitted diseases, the legitimization and spread of pornography, greater hostility between the sexes, and critically high divorce and illegitimacy rates. Sexual Wisdom, a book by Dr. Richard Wetzel, M.D. offers a way to redirect this revolution.

Character-based sex education – Thomas Lickona

Human beings, given the right support, tend to rise to meet high expectations. Chastity is difficult, but so is most of what is truly worthwhile in life. It is time for all of us, schools and parents, to raise the bar.


Guidelines for Sex Education – The Pontifical Council for the Family

The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, published by the Pontifical Council for the Family, is an extremely important document.”Hard-hitting and eloquent and the result of 21 years of study and consultation, it states a powerful case for traditional Christian sexual morality

A ‘No’ to a ‘No’ is a ‘Yes’ – Father Robert Barron

One of the commonest complaints against Catholicism is that it is the religion of “no,” especially in regard to the sexual dimension of life.

Does anything work in sex education? – Jennifer Roback Morse

A study shows that abstinence education programmes don’t work. They had the same failure rate as contraceptive programmes. Then there’s the rest of this story that you’re not likely to hear about.

The Neglected Heart: The Emotional Dangers of Premature Sexual Involvement – Thomas Lickona

In discussions of teen sex, much is said about the dangers of pregnancy and disease — but far less about the emotional hazards.


Children and the Media: A Challenge for Education – Pope Benedict XVI

“Children exposed to what is aesthetically and morally excellent are helped to develop appreciation, prudence and the skills of discernment. Here it is important to recognize the fundamental value of parents’ example and the benefits of introducing young people to children’s classics in literature, to the fine arts and to uplifting music.”

Parents v. Television — Seven Steps to Sure Victory – Randall Murphree

Pre-season hype last fall boasted that the major networks were going to push the envelope this television season with more profanity and more graphic sexual content. By and large, they have delivered on those promises. Here are a few strategies a conscientious family can use to gain control over television.

Protect Yourself from the Internet’s Moral Dangers – JEFFERY A. MIRUS

If you have both an Internet connection and children at home, and you haven’t considered this problem seriously, I urge you to do so now.


Video Violence Can Have “Profound Negative” Impact – BRUCE SULLIVAN

A panel of experts testified on Tuesday before the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee on the effects of violent, interactive video games…


Human Personhood Begins at Conception – Peter Kreeft

Philosopher Peter Kreeft presents the arguments commonly used to explain why the unborn child is not a human person and then shows clearly and simply why each of these arguments cannot possibly be true.

How to explain why abortion is wrong – Matthew Pinto

“I know abortion is wrong, but how can I tell others why it is wrong?”

How Abortion Has Failed Women – Elizabeth Fox-Genovese

A few years ago, seemingly out of the blue, in the midst of a long e-mail message on other matters, a professional friend evoked her sadness at having had an abortion when she was in her twenties.

Against Abortion, But Pro-Choice? – Fr. William Saunders

Sometimes I have met Catholics — especially where I work — who say, “I am personally against abortion, but I am pro-choice.” To me, that makes no sense, but how can I argue with them?

Making pro-life more effective – Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB

As a Catholic Christian and pastor of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, I believe the pro-life movement can be increasingly effective in the years to come; here are a few reflections on how.


Anti-Abortionist At Large: How To Argue Abortion Intelligently And Live To Tell About It – Raymond Dennehy

This book is my autobiographical account of almost four decades of publicly speaking against, and debating on, induced abortion before radio and television audiences as well as community groups and on college campuses.

Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation – President Ronald Reagan

While sitting as the fortieth president of the United States, Ronald Reagan sent Human Life Review this article shortly after the tenth anniversary of Roe v. Wade; HLR printed it with pride in their Spring, 1983 issue.

Church Has Always Condemned Abortion – Fr. William Saunders

I had an argument with a friend about the Church’s teaching on abortion. She said that the Church was not against abortion until the 20th century; I said that the Church has always been against abortion. Am I right, and if so, what evidence is there to give to my friend?

How Abortion Hurts Women: The Hard Proof – Erika Bachiochi

In order to persuade the “personally opposed” pro-choicer we must address this 1970s feminist fallacy that abortion is necessary for women’s sexual equality and well-being. In point of fact, medical evidence, sociological data, and the lived experience of many women proves that abortion harms women physically, psychologically, relationally, and culturally.

Life Principles: A Model for Teaching the Philosophy of the Pro-Life Movement – Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D.

The Life Principles Program is a project devoted to explaining the underlying philosophy of the pro-life movement to a secular culture. This uniquely rational and commonly accessible approach has had a powerful and overwhelmingly successful effect on the positive education of pro-life issues around the country. Here following is a short-course in the Life Principles by founder Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D.

Presenting the Abortion Issue to Children – Father Frank A. Pavone

At the start of the homily, I asked for a volunteer from among the youngest, smallest members of the congregation.

Samantha Shrugged – Barry Michaels

I teach eleventh-grade religion at a respected and flourishing Catholic college-prep high school in the state of New York. My students are bright and talented kids, the children of some of the most successful people in this part of the state. Our discussions on morality are a window into the culture that nurtures them at least as much as most of their families do. We recently tackled abortion.

Sex, Lies, and Abortion – Dinesh D’Souza

Recently I was invited to speak at a fundraiser organized by a Michigan right-to-life group, which had asked me to reflect on this question: “If the pro-life case is so strong, why aren’t we winning?”

When Do Human Beings Begin? “Scientific” Myths and Scientific Facts – DIANNE N. IRVING

Current discussions on abortion, human embryo research (including cloning, stem cell research, and the formation of mixed-species chimeras), and the use of abortifacients involve specific claims as to when the life of every human being begins


Teaching Moments on Sexuality – Janet E. Smith

On several occasions, Catholic parents have approached me about how to talk to their heterosexual teenagers about homosexuality. Many teenagers are very accepting of the homosexual orientation; they think it is just as natural as a heterosexual orientation.

But What do I Say? – J. Budziszewski

The gay-activist movement is finding its way into more and more schools — promoting destructive behavior under the guise of tolerance. How can you ensure that the truth gets a fair hearing?

Medical Downside of Homosexual Behavior – Rick Fitzgibbons, M.D.

Amid the push for same-sex unions in Canada and the recent overturning of Texas’ sodomy law, an aspect of the underlying issue is sometimes overlooked: the medical consequences of homosexual behavior.


After the desert: A faithful Catholic’s reflection on same-sex attraction – Steve Gershom

What would I know about vocation? I’m 28, a faithful Catholic and gay.

Homosexuality – FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

I was very disturbed over the recent letter “Always Our Children.” It seems to make homosexuality accepted. Has the Church changed its teaching concerning homosexuality?

No joke — two blokes walk into an office and rewrite curriculum – Susan Martinuk

So . . . two priests walk into a bar. Oops, wrong joke. So . . . two priests walk into the Ministry of Education.

Gay Curricula Should Conform To Science – Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons

Richard Fitzgibbons, a Philadelphia psychiatrist, told The Bulletin that many of the conceptions that drive the push for curricula that endorse a homosexual lifestyle have no basis in scientific findings.


Bleak stories behind failed condom campaigns – Chinwuba Iyizoba

Before blanketing the continent with condoms to stop AIDS, why don’t you live in rural Africa for a while?

Broken Promises: How the AIDS Establishment has Betrayed the Developing World – Dale O’Leary

A key player in the prevention controversy documents how the AIDS establishment has betrayed the developing world.

Executive Summary: The Effects of Pornography on Individuals, Marriage, Family and Community – Patrick F. Fagan

Social scientists, clinical psychologists, and biologists have begun to clarify some of the social and psychological effects, and neurologists are beginning to delineate the biological mechanisms through which pornography produces its powerful negative effects

Pornography – Jason Evert

Q. What’s wrong with looking at pornography? It’s not like you are getting a girl pregnant or spreading STDs.

A. The problem with using porn is that it emasculates men, degrades women, destroys marriages, and offends the Lord

The Pervasive Reach of Pornography – FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

With the widespread use of pornography, why don’t you address this issue in one of your columns? Some people think it is perfectly OK.