Grade 4

I am happy to have this opportunity to formally introduce myself.  My name is Erwin Mow, and I have been teaching for nine and a half years.  I am looking forward to working with both you and the children during this new school year.  By working together, this year is sure to be an enjoyable and rewarding one for all!  There are many exciting and challenging activities planned, and you will be informed of these regularly.

All students are expected to arrive at school in complete uniform (black shoes, and shirts tucked in), on time and ready to work.  It is important that all students get enough sleep, so he/she is ready to learn!   The recommended amount of sleep per night for a Grade 4 student is 10-11 hours.   In my short career, I have noticed that many students come to school tired.  Furthermore, eating a healthy breakfast before coming to school is vital, as the students need the energy to properly process all the knowledge and information they obtain throughout the day.  In the morning, students line up silently outside the classroom; however, when it is a rainy/snowy morning, students gather in the cafeteria downstairs and line up at the designated pillar.


Gym is scheduled for  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday every week; DPA on Wednesday.  Please ensure that your child is wearing his/her PE strip underneath his/her uniform everyday.  A labeled drawstring gym bag containing the child’s runners is also required.

Library Book Exchange is scheduled for  Monday.  Please ensure that your child returns any books taken from the school library on this day.

Please ensure that all your child’s belongings (especially uniform) are labeled, including shoes.  Uniforms look alike, and they can be easily mixed up when the children take them off, especially changing before and after PE.  By having names (written in big and clear letters) on them ensure the items are returned quickly to the rightful owners.

Your child will receive an average of 45 minutes of homework each night.  This will include approximately 15-20 minutes of nightly silent reading (book).   It is of extreme importance that students read in order to build a vast vocabulary to express themselves well.  The amount of time it takes students to complete their homework could vary greatly depending on each child.  Please designate a set time and a quiet place where your child can maintain focus and not be distracted easily.  If homework is not completed, the work will be sent home along with a homework slip, which will need to be signed by a parent. If it is not possible for your child to complete their nightly homework, please write a small note in their agenda letting me know.  Any incomplete homework will be expected to be completed by the next day.

On a daily basis, your child is given time to complete their agenda book.  After your child has completed his/her agenda, he/she must show it to you.  Each evening, please check and review (i.e. ask your child what he/she learned earlier in the day) to make sure they have completed their homework and, as an acknowledgement, initial the day.  I would encourage you to use the agenda as a form of communication between myself and you.  If you have a short question that I could easily answer, please feel free to write it in the agenda book and I will do my best to respond.  Please encourage your child to be independent and responsible for their own work.  With your cooperation, we can help your child develop into a responsible, caring individual.

Please let me know if your child has any medical problems, allergies, hearing loss, impaired vision, etc.  Also, if your child is absent for any reason, or needs to leave school early, a note MUST be written.

Please let me know about any problems before they get out of hand.  I also would appreciate knowing when something is going well.  A quick phone call may relieve a lot of unnecessary worries.  It may also lighten up a teacher’s day! You may reach me at school in the mornings between 8:00-8:30 and after school (3:00-4:00) [however, there will be times when I will not be available due to staff meetings, supervision duty, coaching, refereeing and other extra-curricular activities].  If you wish to see me, please make an appointment with Ms. Goh in the office.

Lastly, for all those who are Catholic, please bring your children to church every Sunday.  It is important that they attend Mass to build up their spiritual strength.  As well, it is important for them to experience the church community.

I look forward to getting to know you and your children.  I know that with your help and support, we can have a successful and wonderful year, and that the children will grow academically, socially and spiritually.    Thank you for your time and cooperation.


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