COVID-19 FAQ and COVID-19 Plan

This document is to be a central location for you to access information pertaining to St. Jude School during this period of Covid-19. As new information becomes available, we will update this document.

Read our full plan by clicking StJudeSchoolCOVID19Plan

Many of your questions can be answered in the document provided. Any questions you have can be sent to 

Last Update: September 8, 2020

How is the school cleaning and disinfecting to make sure it meets PHO Guidelines and WorkSafe BC guidelines?

  • St. Jude School is hiring an additional daytime custodian who will be able to clean surfaces throughout the day and clean the washrooms every hour between the hours of 10am to 2pm.
  • Evening cleaning will also occur each day during the school work week.
  • Cleaning of the classroom will be performed in the following manner:
    • cleaning starts at the doorway and works around the room in a clockwise direction which will ensure no areas are missed.
  • Cleaning of the washroom will be performed in the following manner:
    • For washrooms a separate clean microfiber cloth will be used, disinfecting will happen working from top to bottom.
  • St. Jude School will provide each classroom with a disinfectant kit so that teachers can frequently clean the high touch areas. Oxy Q Virus Disinfectant Spray Bottles are in each classroom.
  • iPads and Chromebooks that are shared must be disinfected before and after use
  • To reduce the number of surfaces, excess furniture will be removed and classrooms will be decluttered. Tops of shelves will be cleared for easy cleaning.
  • Unused furniture will be removed from the classroom to be stored in other locations of the school.
  • Daytime and evening custodians will maintain clean surfaces. Outdoor handrails will be added to the cleaning protocol.
  • Briarwood will ensure that garbage cans are emptied, disinfected, and returned to their exact classroom location to ensure that there is minimal touch of the garbage container. Further, students are encouraged to bring snacks to school that do not produce garbage. Any containers left behind will be thrown out.
  • Additional liners will not be allowed in the bottom of the garbage container or hanging over the side.
  • Every classroom and washroom has soap and water and paper towels readily available. The PHO states that washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is the most effective means of stopping the virus. The temperature of the water is inconsequential.
  • Staff will be trained on how to remove gloves according to the following protocol: the outside of the gloves are contaminated. Grasp the palm area of the gloved hand and peel off the first glove. Slide fingers of hand under the other glove at wrist and peel off. Discard in regular waste.

Is the water fountain open for students?

  • As a precaution  we are only allowing the touchless water bottle refill station to be operational
  • Students need to bring a personal water bottle from home

How are Learning Cohorts being used at St. Jude School?

The only time students will be interacting with students outside their classroom is during recess, lunch, mass, and transition periods. We are taking precautions for outdoor recess allowing students of a cohort to play together in one zone. For example, K & 1 are a cohort. They will be allowed in the same area (adventure playground and grass areas surrounding playground). Students within the same cohort are not to touch each other. Students outside the cohort are to maintain physical distance.  

How will students attend mass at St. Jude School?

Mass will occur every wednesday with cohorts attending every other week. No outside public will be allowed to attend the mass, including parents. 

At each mass there will be four classes (2 cohorts) in attendance. Each class will have its own section of pews so that we can sit 3 students per pew and therefore increase physical distancing. 

All precautions for sacraments will be taken by Fr. Jun. 

Do I have to follow the staggered drop-off and pick-up times?

The staggered drop-off and pick-up times are in place to reduce the number of people on sight at any given time and to allow for greater space for students and parking for parents. If there is serious hardship due to the drop-off / pick-up time please contact administration. We ask that parents clear the parking lot quickly and safely to allow for smoother transitions.  


A to LEI – 8:30am to 8:40am

LI to Z – 8:40am to 8:50am


A to LEI – 2:50pm to 3:00pm

LI to Z – 3:00pm to 3:10pm

I need to pick up my child early, what should I do?

Call the office. You need to make arrangements with the office so that your child will be ready for when you arrive. Come to the front door on East 15 and your child will come to you. 

Can I bring my child hot lunch to eat?

You can bring a hot bagged lunch for your child. It must be labelled. We will have a table in our lobby dedicated to this. The student will be called down to the office to retrieve their lunch. Please call the office in advance to arrange for a time to drop off. 

It's my child's birthday, can we bring cupcakes (or other food/gifts) for the other students to enjoy?

No. We are not permitting the sharing of food or supplies (gifts). 

Can my child keep their supplies at the school?

Your child will be assigned their own desk. In that desk they can keep individual school supplies that are used daily. Their school backpack will need to be taken home each day. Cloth or Mesh gym bags with their PE shoes in them can be stored on the hook but should be brought home at the end of each week. 

Teachers will communicate with parents if they see a child running low on supplies. Students are not to share their school supplies. It would be wise to keep spare pencils, pens, erasers, and paper at your house as back up supplies. 

Does my child have to wear their uniform?

We are asking all students to wear their school uniforms. We are going to permit the wear of the PE strip on hot days. The PEC is currently reviewing our uniform policy in light of Covid-19.

Can my child wear a mask?

We encourage our students to wear masks provided they are independent in doing so. The PHO has not mandated masks for elementary school students. 

Why do I have to answer questions about my child's health for them to be allowed to attend in-person instruction?

The PHO Guidelines says that “parents and caregivers must assess their child daily for symptoms of common cold, influenza, COVID-19, or other infectious respiratory disease before sending them to school.” Performing a daily check allows you to catch illnesses and ensures you do not bring your child to school sick. 

We thank you for your cooperation. 

What questions will be asked of my child as part of the daily screening?

We are updating our questionnaire to reflect the current questionnaire from the BCCDC. 

What can I do to help my child prepare for the return to in-person instruction?

Talk to your child about physical distancing. Teach them a routine for leaving in the morning and returning from school that involves washing their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. Talk to your child about the importance of respecting other people’s things and space. 

Children do really well with routines and boundaries. Setting up health and hygiene routines for coming and going from your house is a great way to ensure a safe return.

How has the school supported families needing tuition assistance?

Any family needing tuition assistance or tuition relief due to loss of job or business because of Covid-19 has been supported. By cutting expenses where we can, we are able to aid families that have been hit hard by Covid-19. Any family needing tuition relief or assistance is asked to email the Principal, Chris van der Pauw, at and the PEC Chairperson, Richelle Akol, at

What steps will St. Jude School take to ensure that PHO guidelines are followed for parents who volunteer?

All parents who volunteer at the school need to go through an orientation meeting with the Principal. 

My family is unable to complete our parent participation hours. What should we do?

Please contact Ann Tang, parent participation coordinator, at