Our St. Jude School teams compete in both exhibition and competitive leagues. Volleyball is available to intermediate students starting in Gr. 5. Our students benefit from the coaching of parents and teachers during the volleyball season.


  • Gr. 5 Boys:                                     
  • Gr. 5 Girls: Mrs. Chao
  • Gr. 6 Boys: Mr. Wong                     
  • Gr. 6 Girls: Mrs.Chee 
  • Gr. 7 Boys: Mrs. Wong/ Mr. VDP     
  • Gr, 7 Girls: Mrs. Collins

Tentative 2018 Volleyball Schedule

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
7:45-8:40 Gr. 7 Girls Gr. 6 Boys   Gr. 6 Boys  
12:00-12:45   Gr. 6 Girls Gr. 6 Girls    
3:00 – 4:00 Gr. 7 Boys 3:15-4:15   Gr. 5/6 Girls Gr. 7 Girls  
4:00 – 5:00       Gr. 7 Girls  

All games are played after school unless otherwise noted and subject to change.

Some of the practice times will be cancelled if there are home games being played at the same time. Please check the game schedule carefully.

Please refer to your coaches if practices are cancelled or switched weekly.