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“No foul language should come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for needed edification, that it may impart grace to those who hear.” -Eph 4.29

This scriptural reference occurs in the same paragraph as last week’s quote on speaking the truth and putting away falsehoods. The early Christian communities were being taught that lies create division and is the opposite of what Christ wanted. Lies, however, are not the only thing that creates division. Speaking cruelly to another also sews seeds of division. 

St. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians is most concerned with Christian communities being true to what Christ taught. We are reminded that words spoken matter and we are to think of the impact our words can have on another. Always remaining in control of one’s speech requires a great deal of discipline for it is far easier to just let the words fly. How many times have we said something only to regret saying it the moment it comes out? How many times have we heard our own children say that they did not mean what they said? Foul language, lies, and mean insulting words, all create division and brokenesses. 

St. Paul concludes his teaching with a reminder to be kind and compassionate while seeking forgiveness. The first step is to speak only kindness. The next step is to seek forgiveness when you fail to speak kindness. It is a lesson worth reflecting on. 



Grade 7 is having a Krispy Kreme fundraising for Valentine’s Day. Please visit this link to order by Feb 9th. Thank you for supporting the Grade 7.


Progress reports for the first term have been sent home with your child today. The progress report is a snapshot only. Any concerns you have about your child’s learning and their progress are always best discussed in person. We encourage parents to reach out to teachers to set up meetings if they wish to discuss the contents of the report.  


The Grade 5 Girls Basketball team performed mightily at the Our Lady of Sorrow Basketball Tournament. The girls played hard and showcased their skills. I was proud of how they supported each other as teammates. The girls finished in 1st Place and we should all be very proud of them!


Miss Mc Bride

Miss Mc Bride has recently moved here from Ireland and is excited to learn more about Vancouver. She comes to us with a nursing degree as well as a masters in teaching. Miss Mc Bride played camogie In Ireland and performed at the top level there. She has now joined a camogie team here in Vancouver. She is also part of a traditional music band in Dublin and they have traveled Ireland playing at a wide range of music events. Please help us welcome Miss Mc Bride to our school community! 

Mr. Mc Garvey
Mr. Mc Garvey is also new to the Vancouver area and also an Irish transplant. He was a teacher in both Ireland and Dubai before coming to St. Jude. He loves sports, especially soccer, or “football.” He hopes to become more familiar with Canadian sports here in his new home and is especially looking forward to skiing. We are excited to have his expertise both in gym class and in the classroom. Please help us welcome Mr. Mc Garvey to our St. Jude community! 


Part of Archbishop Miller’s mandate is to visit Parishes and meet with people from each Parish ministry. Since the school is a ministry of the parish, this afforded us the opportunity to host Archbishop Miller for the day on Friday. As a school we celebrated mass together and then Archbishop Miller was able to visit with staff and classrooms. The students were delighted to get to spend time with Archbishop Miller and ask him questions. We are so grateful for Archbishop Miller’s candid responses and for taking the time to spend his day with our students. After lunch, Archbishop Miller had the opportunity to watch our Orchestra perform as well as our School Liturgical Choir. 

Archbishop Miller will be visiting with other Parish ministries on Saturday and then will lead the Sunday 11am Mass. All are invited to attend. 


We are now accepting new applications for the 2023-24 school year.  Please get an application form from here or email the school office for one.  


Our Gr. 7 Student Ambassadors will be available to provide tours of our school to prospective families. If you know of someone who might be interested in attending St. Jude School, I encourage you to tell them to sign up for a tour. Any interested family can email to schedule a tour. 


This past year we handed out $1200 in rewards to parents that referred students to our school. Every student that is referred and enrolls in our school for the year results in a reward of $200 for the the referring family. 

To learn more about the referral program, please click here


Feb 3 – Progress Reports Go Home

Feb 3 – Archbishop Miller Visit – School in Session – Full Uniform Day

Feb 16 and 17 – Catholic Educators Conference – No School

Feb 20 – Family Day – No School

Feb 24 – Care Day – Noon Dismissal

March 3 – Pro-D – No School

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