Mr. Mow

Grade 7 Teacher

Mr. Mow is currently in his 1st year of teaching Gr. 7 at St. Jude School, after spending 9 years as the Gr. 4 teacher and another 1 1/2 years as the Gr. 6 teacher, with Religion and Math being his favorite subjects to teach; as well, he enjoys being a part of the school’s extra-curricular activities, especially in sports. In addition to a Bachelor of Education degree, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology. Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr. Mow was pursuing a career in youth counselling, having had previous volunteering experiences with one-to-one mentoring troubled youths and tutoring inside the youth prison. Mr. Mow enjoys sports (he is a die hard fan of the Vancouver Canucks, with a stellar collection of the team’s jerseys); also, he enjoys eating sushi, spontaneously singing random songs and quiet evenings of reading (as of Oct. 2018, he is working [slowly] on Confessions by St. Augustine).

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