Mr. Mow

Grade 7 Teacher

Mr. Mow is currently in his 6th year of teaching Gr. 7 at St. Jude School, after spending 9 years as the Gr. 4 teacher and another 1 1/2 years as the Gr. 6 teacher, with Christian Education and Math being his favorite subjects to teach; as well, he enjoys being a part of the school’s extra-curricular activities, especially in sports. In addition to a Bachelor of Education degree, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology. Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr. Mow was pursuing a career in law enforcement, having had previous volunteering experiences with one-to-one mentoring troubled youths and tutoring inside the youth prison. Mr. Mow enjoys sports – he is a die hard Canucks fan, and he hopes his team will finally win the Stanley Cup very soon. He is particularly proud of his stellar collection of Canucks’ jerseys. Lastly, he enjoys eating sushi and reading books.

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