Mrs. Chao

Kindergarten and French Teacher

Mrs. Angela Chao graduated from UBC with a BA in English Literature before moving to Japan for two years where she taught English in four different junior high schools. Living in Japan was an amazing cultural experience and taught her many valuable life lessons such as patience and understanding. 

After returning from Japan, she returned to UBC to obtain her Bachelors of Education. In 2001, she began teaching at St. Jude in Gr. 7 (2001 – 2005)  and then Gr. 6 (2005 – 2008).

After staying home to raise her three children, she returned to St. Jude in 2014 to teach part-time in the Gr. 5 class and then in Kindergarten. Angela has not only been a classroom teacher for many years, but she has also been a specialist teacher, teaching French for Kindergarten to Gr. 7 (2015 – 2019). As a lover of languages, the next languages Angela would like to learn are Filipino and Italian.

She enjoys teaching Gr. 5 while sharing her passion for reading and ADST with her students.

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