The Patriot Report – June 27th, 2019


“Unbelievable, super cool, outrageous and amazing, phenomenal, fantastic, so incredible, woo-hoo!” – opening lyrics to Super Cool by Beck

Those were the words that greeted students as the entered the gym for our final assembly. There could be no better string of adjectives to celebrate the end of our school year. It was a year filled with many successes! I am so proud of all our staff and students. We have worked hard and the summer break is well deserved by all. 

For those who were unable to join us for the final assembly, we ended our year with a celebratory dance! Why? Because we need to let our joy be felt and be seen by everyone. It was a great end to our year. So this summer, be safe and be joyful. Be joyful by recognizing the many gifts and blessings we have. Smile and relax. See you in September!



The office will be closed July 15 to August 16, 2019.  All inquiries should be done by email to  


We have not received the last shipment of orders from our supplier.  Once received, you will receive an email from the office to come pick it up. 


Report cards that have not been picked up, can be picked up at the school office between the hours of 9:30 am to 3:3o pm.  Please email the office to advise when you’ll be coming by. 


We regret the delay in getting these out to you.  We ask that you place your orders online.  The complete list is as follows: 
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We extend our deepest gratitude for your years of service as we say goodbye to the following families and staff.  You will be missed. 
Jayron Bartolay, Erin Biason, Raymond Bottin, Matthew Fierro, Zayden Gamatan, Ezekiel Garrovillas, Danilo Giuliano, Stacey Ha, Lynette He, Tecla Johnson, David Le, Elissa Leung, Yuci Li, Nhi Mai, Luca Moretti, Jordan Nguyen, Nathan Nunez, William Pham, Jordan & Theo Shim, Summer Sim, Sylvia Tan, Royce Tanco, Ethan Tang, Erica Wong, Karman & Karina Wong, Emily Wu, Jaden Zhu, Mrs. Chee, Mrs. Cruz, Mr. Godenir, Mrs. Girotto, Miss Historillo, Miss Siano, Miss Scheerer, Miss Sheehan, Mr. Sorley, Mrs. Vu and Mrs. Young.


We had our String Orchestra “Petting Zoo” yesterday and you may be interested to learn more about String Orchestra. For Program Details click here.


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