The Patriot Report – June11


“I Saw God Today.” – George Strait

If you were to grab my iPhone and open my music app you would find that my music tastes are all over the place. I have playlists that pay tribute to the 70’s, to hip hop, to soft rock, and among others, to country music. Depending on my mood, my choice of music may be Dowdy Ferry Road by Dan England and John Ford Cowley, or Run for the Roses by Dan Fogelberg, or Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragon, or Boom by X Ambassadors. The list of different artists and genres is not contained to just one period and style. 

Recently, I have been selecting my Country playlist. This may be due to summer approaching and my anticipation of visiting my parents place in the Cariboo region of British Columbia or the anticipation of Season 4 of Yellowstone. Artists such as Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn, Tim McGraw, and the “King of Country,” George Strait pepper my playlist with their number one songs. One of my favorite songs is George Strait’s hit song I Saw God Today.

In his song I Saw God Today, he calls attention to how God makes himself known to the singer. In one instance it is a simple flower emerging through a concrete sidewalk. Other instances are seeing a couple holding hands, watching a sunset, and most powerfully, seeing his daughter for the first time. The beauty of God reveals itself to us daily if we have eyes to see. 

Looking at the students today during our Sports Day I saw God in their smiles and laughter. There is such goodness and truth in the smiles and cheers of students. I also get to see God each day I go home. I am often greeted by my children with the familiar, “Hi Dad.” If I am lucky, I might get the “Daddy!” followed by a sprint and a hug. However, if I get home too late and the TV is on, I may just get a simple nod of acknowledgement. It is so hard to compete with their favorite shows! But regardless of the welcome, I see God in each of them. Their smiles and their laughter brings such joy to my heart. 

Maybe we ought to judge the success of each day by how often we can bring laughter and joy to others, especially our children. Might that not be a worthwhile weekend goal? To make your child smile and laugh? Perhaps you might enjoy a laugh yourself? In doing so, you too might well see God in the smiles and the laughter. 

Have a wonderful and joyful weekend. 



For Parents who want to learn more about the Archdiocese of Vancouver response to First Nations and the Residential Schools please explore the following resources:

Archbishop Miller on CBC’s The Current 

James Borkowski on On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko

Article with Deacon Rennie (a First Nations Elder) 


Every class surpassed their goal and so each class will receive the reward of a pizza lunch with an ice cream sandwich. The movie to be shown in the gym on our giant screen is Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon. Due to Covid-19 we will only watch the movie in cohorts and the pizza provided will be the personalized pizza hut pizzas. Each child receives one free pizza and ice cream sandwich. If your child does not like pizza or finds that one pizza is not sufficient please send an alternative option for your child. 

The following dates are when your child’s class will watch the movie and have lunch provided:

June 14 – K and 1 – 9:30 am start time with lunch and desert afterwards
June 14 – 2 and 3 – 1:05 pm start time with lunch and desert before 
June 21 – 6 and 7 –  9:30 am start time with lunch and desert afterwards
June 21 – 4 and 5 – 1:05 pm start time with lunch and desert before


Summer Reading Club is back at Vancouver Public Library! This fun and free program for school-aged children launches on June 14 and registration details will be added to our VPL Kid’s Website very soon.  In the meantime, check out our SRC Video: This year’s theme is Crack the Case!  To participate, all you need to do is set a goal and try out multiple library challenges that will take you through the whole summer – like listen to a story, attend a virtual library program, or, of course… read something! Once your challenges are complete, visit your local library to pick up a medal.



Please read the Cambridge Uniform Letter here

It is recommended that your uniform orders are placed by: 
June 30th – New Students
July 10th – Returning Students. 

There is a 5% discount on all orders placed online from June 21st to July 5th, 2021.


The following payment schedule is in effect.

  • July 01 – First month’s tuition or Full year’s lump sum tuition for 2021-2022


The school supplies list for next year is available to purchase at School Start now.  Please select your child(ren)’s grade for 2021-2022 to purchase the supplies directly from them.  It will be delivered to our school late August. 

To view the list, please click on the desired grade below: 

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3 
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7


To learn about the differences between Covid-19 symptoms and allergies please click here.  


Please read the BCCDC guideline for when to get tested for Covid-19. Click here.  


This is a reminder that parents need to take the time to do the Daily Check every day. It is important that we remain committed to taking our COVID-19 procedures seriously. Click here to access the form. You will no longer need to provide the child or parent’s name on the form.  


Complete Daily Screening 

June 13 – First Communion Gr. 2 @ 2pm and 4pm

June 15 – Hot Lunch – Riz Sushi

June 16 – Hot Lunch – Pizza; School Mass Gr 3

June 17 – Hot Lunch – Church’s Chicken; Confirmation Gr. 7 @ 6pm

June 18 – Gr. 7 Awards Ceremony and Farewell 

June 22 – Hot Lunch – Pampanga’s

June 23 – Hot Lunch – Pizza; School Mass Gr. 2

June 24 – Hot Lunch – Subway

June 25 – Last day of Class for Students – Noon Dismissal