The Patriot Report – November 1, 2019


On the wall in Grade 5 is a quote:

This quote reminded me of the importance of intention setting as described in High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. His book (I am listening to the audiobook version) explores six habits that a person or organization needs to have in order to perform at the highest level. Burchard emphasizes that setting an intention for the day and for each activity can make a huge difference to how we perform in the different parts of our life.In his discussion of the correlation between energy and high performance, he emphasizes the importance of intentionally bringing the joy to each day and task. Bringing the joy means adopting a positive mindset and visualizing how we can bring the feelings of joy into a situation. For example, when you get home from a hard day at work take a minute or two to transition yourself before opening the door and entering into relationship with family members. Ask yourself, who do I want to be when I enter the house? What would it look like and sound like if I brought joy into the house? This small change to our daily routine might just end up making a huge difference. Of course this does not mean that we will always be in constant states of joy but it just might increase our positive feelings and that may give rise to more energy and greater performance. 

I encourage you to listen to the audiobook. You can find it in season 4 of his podcast, “The Brendon Show.”  



The Fundraising Team has partnered with Indigo. You can purchase e-gift cards of all sizes online within minutes. And 15% of the proceeds will go to our school to improve the building infrastructure and upgrade technology. 

Begin Ordering: Friday, November 1, 2019
Order deadline: Saturday, November 30, 2019
Delivery: Instant delivery by email. Printable & accessible online

Support the students of St. Jude’s school by clicking the link below. Please share this link with your family and friends to join in the support of your child’s school.

3 Simple Steps to Purchase Your e-Gift card:
Click the link above to see the St. Jude fundraising page, 
Choose “Shop Online Give Cash Back” 
Click “Buy an Indigo e-gift card”.  
Signing in is not required. You can purchase anonymously as a guest or you can log in instantly with your Facebook account, which makes it easy to invite others to join our fundraising too. 

Thank you so much for your support!

Please contact Rachelle Moshfeghi, Fundraising Sub-committee Chairperson with any questions or concerns at:



The Grade 5 class is leading our school in an assembly to honor the men and women who bravely sacrifice their lives for our freedom. Parents are invited to attend our Remembrance Day Assembly on November 8th starting at 10:45 am. Please arrive between 10:30 and 10:40 am to ensure you are seated for the start of the assembly. We will have a live Bagpiper accompanying our assembly. The bagpipes are traditionally played at Remembrance Day events, but they are loud. If you have little children, you may have to remove them from the gym during these times.   



This year the school is hosting a Dinner Dance on Saturday, December 14. To make this event a success for our school we need your help and support. We will need sponsors, parent helpers for decorations, ushers, silent auction basket coordinators, set up and take down, parent helpers for selling tickets to the event, and of course we will need you to buy tickets and come out to an evening of good food, drinks, and fun. The draw for the Christmas Raffle will also take place that evening. Over the next week, letters will be coming home detailing how you can help. 

Making our school community a vibrant and joyful is one of the most important goals we have. I personally wish to thank our parent community in advance for your time and talents.


This year Halloween falls on a Thursday. This presents an opportunity for students to be creative and have fun wearing costumes. As a Catholic school, there are certain precautions we need to take to ensure that wearing costumes is something enjoyable for everyone. Costumes are not allowed to scare children. 

1. Nothing grotesque or horrifying. If in doubt, do not wear it. Examples would include: zombies, vampires, ghoulish characters, etc.
2. No masks. If your costume comes with a mask (i.e., Darth Vader, Ironman, etc.) then the mask must stay at home. This also means that makeup must be minimal. For safety reasons we must be able to identify all students. 
3. No weapons. If your costume has an accessory such as a light saber, a hammer, a gun, a sword, or any other weapon then it must stay home as well. It does not matter if it does not look real. 
4. No costumes promoting anything related to Satan. This means no devil costumes or anything similar. 
5. Nothing sexually provocative. It goes without saying but there are a lot of inappropriate costumes on the market.  

What is allowed? There are lots of opportunities to wear costumes that are suitable. Here are a few creative and fun ideas:

1. Super heroes – there are many superhero costumes out there that can be worn (Costco and Value Village has a selection)
2. Movie characters – dress up as one of your favorite characters (one of the coolest costumes I saw was a student who made their own Bumblebee Transformer costume in which they could actually transform into a car costume)
3. Book characters – have a favorite book? Make the character come to life through your costume
4. Saints – a lot of saints lived in interesting times and would have cool costumes – do some research and you just might be surprised by how cool and inspiring our Saints are
5. Community – dress up like someone from the community – policeman, fireman, doctor, scientist, construction, soldier, etc. 
6. Sports – dress up like your favorite athlete or wear your sports outfit 
7. Religious – dress up like a pastor, a nun, a monk, etc. just remember to keep it respectful and reverent
8. Object – looking for challenge? Invent a costume that looks like an object. (Examples I have seen in the past are: phone booth, dice, umbrella)
9. Imaginative – be creative and invent your own custom handmade costume
10. Group costumes – having trouble thinking of what to be, then group up with your classmates. You could dress up as all characters from a book or movie where each takes on a different character. You could dress up as twins. Be creative!

Any student who is deemed to be wearing something inappropriate will be immediately asked to change into their PE clothes or uniform. If there is no change of clothes, parents will be called to come and pick up their child. 


We are kicking off the Christmas Raffle.  Tickets are $2 each / $20 per book.  If you would like to pick up your raffle tickets, tickets will be available after all masses this weekend. Friday 7pm, Saturday 5pm, Sunday 9am, 11am, 5pm, and 7pm, and Monday 4pm.  Please continue to help and support our school fundraising efforts!  Grand Prize $3000, 2nd Prize $1000, and 3rd Prize $500.  Draw date: December 14, 2019.  Contact and/or for more information.


In 1996, Agape Street Ministries, a Catholic street ministry started reaching out to the women of the street who live in the downtown eastside area of Hastings and Cordova in Vancouver.  Since that time, they have given out approximately 45,000 candy bags a year, each with a simple message card to “Tell them God loves them…” 
As part of our ongoing community outreach program, we are encouraging students to be generous again this year by sharing their Halloween treats (wrapped candies only, please).   The candy will be donated to the “Agape Street Ministry” where it will be distributed with a prayer and contact card, to reach out to these women in need.  Your generosity is most appreciated.  Please give candy donations to your child’s teacher by Thursday, November 7th.


St. Jude Grade 7 Class 2020 is fundraising with Purdys Chocolatier!
An easy way to do Christmas shopping – Avoid those line-ups and busy malls!

If you’d like to support us through purchasing some very sweet Christmas gifts for friends, family and yourself, please click the link below:

After you’ve signed in you can buy our amazing chocolates or invite others to join and support our Fundraising Campaign.

Paper orders can be submitted to the school office with cash (exact change only) or cheque (made out to Anthonette Imperial)

Last day to order: Monday, November 25th
Picked up orders from St. Jude school cafeteria on Monday, December 9th

Thank you for supporting the Grade 7 class in celebrating their graduation!




Nov 1 – INDIGO GIFT CARD SALE begins.  Patriots Spirit Day
Nov 5 – Hot Lunch – Edo
Nov 7 – Hot Lunch – Pizza Hut
Nov 8 – Remembrance Day Assembly
Nov 11 – Remembrance Day – NO SCHOOL
Nov 12 – Hot Lunch – Pizza Hut
Nov 14 – Hot Lunch – Subway
Nov 19 – Hot Lunch – Pizza Hut
Nov 21- Hot Lunch – Edo Sushi
Nov 22- Pro D Day – NO SCHOOL
Nov 26- Hot Lunch – Pizza Hut
Nov 28- Hot Lunch – Jiro
Nov 29- Care Day – noon dismissal