The Patriot Report – April 2


“Our true path should be something like: Imagine the noblest aim that you can conceptualize and then sacrifice your life to attempting to attain it.” – Jordan Peterson

Easter is always considered the high point of the liturgical season in the life of the Catholic Church. The passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus contains so many important lessons for our spiritual lives that it is difficult to settle in on one of them. In reading the scripture passages for the liturgies for this Easter Triduum, I am reminded that Jesus always knew what his mission was. 

Following the resurrection of Jesus, the apostles and disciples of Jesus, came to better understand what their mission was too. Each would sacrifice their life for spreading the message of the Gospel. One does not sacrifice their life for a cause that they do not believe in. The apostles and disciples believed so deeply in Christ that they were willing to die for the faith. Since then, countless saints have followed in their footsteps. 

Let us follow in the footsteps of Christ, the apostles, and the saints that followed. Know what it is that you are living for. Know the direction that you want your life to take. Then, like Christ and His followers, sacrifice your life in pursuit of the most noblest aim you can imagine. 




Please note that as of this past Monday, March 29, all indoor worship services have been suspended, again, due to COVID. Therefore our Schedule will be as follows:


Holy Thursday

Virtual Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 7 pm.

Drive by communion in our parking lot following the Mass

Good Friday

Stations of the Cross at 10 am outside in our parking lot ( 50 cars max.)

Drive by Communion after the Stations in our parking lot.

Passion of our Lord Service at 3 pm (virtual).

Drive by communion in our parking lot after the service.

Holy Saturday

Easter Vigil at 9 pm. (Virtual)

Communion will follow in our parking lot after the Mass.

Easter Sunday

9 am Mass outside in our parking lot (50 cars Max.) Call the parish office to reserve your spot.

11am Mass (virtual). Drive by communion following the Mass in our parking lot.


Starting March 29, 2021, school administration and teachers will be conducting uniform checks. Infractions will be communicated to families in writing and the expectation is that changes will be made by the family in order to comply with the uniform. Our goal is not to be punitive. Instead, we want to create a culture where we wear our uniform items with pride and care. 

What types of uniforms infractions can be expected?

  • ripped or tattered uniform items need to be sewn, patched or replaced (patches need to be discrete and blend in)
  • dirty or stained items are to be cleaned and if permanently stained then replaced
  • non uniform items are not permissible during school hours while in the classroom
  • hair accessories are to be in alignment with the school uniform
  • tights are to be in alignment with the school uniform
  • the uniform is to be worn with pride – neat and tidy
  • kilts are to fit properly – no higher than an index card above the knee as a guideline

How will I know a uniform infraction has been handed out?

  • Your child will receive a paper uniform infraction that requires a parent’s signature
  • We ask that you sign the infraction notice and send it back with your child as acknowledgment

Where can I find a copy of the uniform policy?

  • Our Parent Handbook is available on the School Website under the Parents Tab or click here to read the handbook (p.19-20)

How long will you have to fix a uniform issue?

  • Easily fixed items such as wearing an item that is not part of the uniform will need to be fixed by the next day and in some cases students may be asked to remove the item (i.e. wearing a non uniform hoodie in the classroom)
  • If an infraction is for a kilt that is too small, we understand that it will take time to replace a kilt – in situations such as these please communicate with school administration to provide a timeline for replacement

Will there be an option to purchase gently used uniform items?

  • we are pleased to announce that we will be establishing a uniform consignment
  • drop-off for used uniform items that are in good condition will happen March 29 to April 2
  • more information and details will be communicated in a separate letter

Are there exceptions to the uniform?

  • in rare circumstances there have been uniform exceptions but each time the family has spoken with the classroom teacher and administration
  • examples in the past include injuring a foot so footwear accommodations need to be made and transferring to our school and it takes time to secure the uniform
  • the school works with families who require valid accommodations

Will the existing uniform schedule continue for 2021-22?

  • the alternating uniform schedule of Patriots Spirit Wear and the regular uniform was created due to Covid-19. Once schools return to normal operations, the uniform schedule will be adjusted accordingly. We will still have Patriots Spirit Wear days but the frequency will be adjusted. 



Please read the BCCDC guideline for when to get tested for Covid-19. Click here.  


This is a reminder that parents need to take the time to do the Daily Check every day. It is important that we remain committed to taking our COVID-19 procedures seriously. Click here to access the form. You will no longer need to provide the child or parent’s name on the form.  


Complete Daily Screening 

April 5 – Easter Monday – No School

April 6 – Hot Lunch – Riz Sushi

April 7 – Hot Lunch – Pizza Hut

April 8 – Hot Lunch – Church’s Chicken