The Patriot Report – Dec 18


“A time for peace – a special time, in the hope we may find.” – Roger Whittaker 

The year is 2002 and my close friend and I are on our way to play a soccer match. When I get in the car, I noticed that the gas gage was showing to be close to empty. So I said something to the effect that we should stop to get some gas. However, sometimes when people are in a particular mindset, there is no changing their mind. My friend insisted that we didn’t have time to stop and get gas. We were on our way from Pitt Meadows out to Vancouver. Along the way I continued to watch the gas gage and each time I saw a gas station I would say something. Each time, my friend would keep going, reminding me that we didn’t have time to stop. I think you know where this is heading. Even when the gas light came on telling us to stop, my friend said it meant we still had enough gas but I could see that he was finally starting to doubt his confidence. When we passed the Kensington exit, my friend finally acknowledged the need to stop gas. As we approached the Willingdon exit, the car ran out of gas. We were stuck. Without too much vindication, I simply said, “You’re walking.”

Needless to say, we were very late for the game. Instead of stopping earlier and missing some of the warm up, we ended up showing up near the end of the first half. I think this experience has some really important life lessons. 

First, we often ignore the signs to pause and renew. My friend was so intent on not being late that he ignored all the signs and the warnings. In our lives, we often miss all the cues. Ironically, it is other people that can clearly see that you or I need the rest. We just need to listen. We need to take time to renew ourselves before we find ourselves stranded on the side of the road. 

Second, we often become more effective when we do decide to pause and renew. Why do so many of us refuse to treat ourselves well? If you saw someone else working themselves to the point of exhaustion you would say something. If your child was sick, you would tell them to rest. If your parents had a headache, you would say take some Advil and have a rest. But would you say these things to yourself? Or might you say, ‘I have too much to do. I don’t have time to stop.’ Listen to the advice you would give someone else. 

Third, the consequences of our actions will catch up to us. Ignoring the stress and not taking care of ourselves will eventually catch up to us. Just like not stopping for gas caught up to my friend, not stopping to rest will catch up to us. Also, note that I was a passenger. I too was late for the game. Is that often not the case in our personal lives? Not stopping to rest and renew yourself not only impacts you but also those who accompany you on your life’s journey. 

And so my message to the staff at St. Jude School is to rest and renew. Take time to treat yourself well. Go for walks. Take up a hobby. Read a good book. Put the work away. 

My message to the students at St. Jude School is that you are young and full of energy, so please find ways to help your parents. Help make the Christmas holidays enjoyable for everyone. Even if it is as small as not constantly asking for snacks and drinks and the never ending “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mom. Mom…” Be helpful and be kind so that Christmas can be pleasant and relaxing for everyone. 

And finally, my message to the parents at St. Jude School is that my deep hope is that this Christmas season will bring all of you peace and joy.  May the hope of this season kindle within you a warmth and comfort that will see you through the times ahead. Take time to relax.  

Merry Christmas!

Mr. van der Pauw



I would like to thank Mrs. Collins, Ms. Smillie, and Dr. Luchkow for all their work in making our Christmas Poem presentations a possibility. Thank you to the classroom teachers for rehearsing the poems with the students!

Kindergarten & Grade 1:
Grade 2 & Grade 3:
Grade 4 & Grade 5:
Grade 6 & Grade 7:
There are subtitles for all the videos but it requires you to click on the Closed Captioning setting. 


Greetings – we are pleased to announce that the parish has a YouTube channel.  Please subscribe here:  
Virtual Sunday mass will continue as scheduled at 11am.  Drive thru Holy Communion will also be distributed 15 minutes following Sunday mass.  Communion times will be in 30 minute sessions that require pre-registration.  Please register by calling the Parish Office at 604-434-6700.  Kindly stay in your car, ensure that masks are worn and hands are sanitized as per PHO guidelines.  Your support is greatly appreciated!


The 2021 donation envelopes are ready to be picked up from the church. Please call the parish at (604) 434-6700 to arrange a time for pick up. While in-person liturgies are suspended, the parish values your contributions to maintaining the church. Thank you. 

Follow St. Jude Parish on Facebook at @stjudesvan


Please read the letter from Minister Jennifer Whiteside. Click here


I am sure some parents have been wondering about Gr. 6 and Kindergarten Immunizations, which typically happen in the school. I would like parents in Gr. 6 and Kindergarten to read the letter about immunizations from Vancouver Coastal Health. Please click here


We are pleased to announce that we have added two new vendors to our Hot Lunch rotation as well as a third day due some parents asking for additional hot lunch days. The rotation is as follows:

Tuesdays – Alternating between Pampanga (Filipino Cuisine) and Riz Sushi
Wednesdays – Pizza Hut
Thursday – Alternating between Subway and Church’s Chicken

To sign in to Munchalunch or to register please click here.

Hot Lunch is an optional program. All vendors have assured as that they are following all Health Guidelines with respect to COVID-19 and FoodSafe. Our parent volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves. All food items come in individual boxes/wrappings. Our staff, wearing masks and gloves, will deliver the items to the classrooms for student distribution.

If your child is absent you must call the school to arrange for pick up of the food; we do not store food overnight for students. If you do not contact the school by 12:15pm on the day your child is absent we will assume that you want the food to be donated. 

The first date in the new year for Hot Lunch is JANUARY 5, 2021.

We ask that you complete Week 1 orders by DECEMBER 29, 2020 so that we have time to coordinate with our Vendors.  


Staff and students participated in various Christmas themed events throughout the week. Below are some pictures showcasing our Christmas Spirit! On Friday, the students were treated to a Pancake Breakfast sponsored by our local McDonalds! A huge Thank-You to Mrs. Cannova for arranging for the sponsorship event. Also a big thank you to Mrs. Collins, Ms. Smillie, Mrs. McKenzie, and Mrs. Cannova who worked very hard to make our Christmas Extravaganza week a reality!


This week we had a colouring contest for the primary grades and an art contest for the intermediate grades. The intermediate grades were given the prompt of imagining a 20th century visit to the manger or drawing a special gift to offer to God this Christmas. One winner was selected from each class. We are all so proud of our students and we are happy to present one selected art piece from each class. 


This is a reminder that parents need to take the time to do the Daily Check every day. It is important that we remain committed to taking our COVID19 procedures seriously. Click here to access the form. 


Complete Daily Screening Form

Jan 04 – School Reopens

Jan 05 – Hot Lunch – Pampanga 

Jan 06 – Hot Lunch – Pizza Hut

Jan 07 – Hot Lunch – Subway

Jan 12 – Hot Lunch – Sushi

Jan 13 – Hot Lunch – Pizza Hut

Jan 14 – Hot Lunch – Church’s Chicken