The Patriot Report – June 12



I am sure many of us have become Netflix junkies during this pandemic consuming a vast amount of television shows and movies. Given that I have a 9 year old, 6 year old, and almost 4 year old at home, you could say that I am well versed in animated movies for kids. Perhaps too well versed. While I am not a fan of watching Frozen 2 for the upteenth millionth time, I must say that I do enjoy the quality and message of some of the animated films that are available to kids.

Hanging in my office at work is a picture and a quote from one of my favorite animated films, Kung Fu Panda (warning, spoiler alerts for any who have not seen the 2008 animated picture). The film follows an out of shape, kung fu obsessed panda, Po, who works as a cook in his father’s noodle soup restaurant. Po idolizes the Furious Five (kung fu warriors) and dreams of one day being a kung fu warrior. When the villain Tai Lung escapes, Master Shifu announces to the village that they will select the Dragon Warrior who will defeat the dreaded Tai Lung. While desperately trying to watch the festivities, Po sends himself over the wall with a seat made of fireworks and then is selected by the great Master Oogway to be the Dragon Warrior. The movie then follows Po through all his failures and his lack of self confidence. Only Oogway can see the potential in Po. Shifu, the Furious Five, and Po himself believe that Po is a mistake and failure. Eventually, Shifu does manage to train Po and hands him the legendary scroll of the Dragon Warrior. However, the scroll is just shiny and reflective. There are no instructions on how to unlock unlimited kung fu power. 

Dejected, Po leaves the palace believing once again that he is a failure. He rejoins his father who then tells him an important family secret. With a hushed tone the father reveals that the secret ingredient to their secret ingredient soup is that there is no secret ingredient. He then says “to make something special you just have to believe that it is special.” In that moment, Po realizes that there is no secret ingredient to being a great kung fu warrior. 

I love this film because of its message. I think many of us, our youth included, believe that there is some sort of secret code or ingredient to being a success. We think that if only I had this or that then I would be a success. But this is not the case. If we analyze what allowed Po to succeed we might just discover an important life lesson. First, Po had a stubborn determination to watch the Furious Five. Second, he had someone initially believe in him, Oogway. Third, he had a teacher, Shifu, that eventually differentiated his teaching methods so Po could learn. Fourth, Po worked very hard at learning kung fu. Fifth, Po had a father that told him he just needed to believe he was special. Lastly, Po himself, had to believe that he was special. 

Notice that it took multiple characters to help Po come to realize his true self. The same is true for our children. It really does take a village. We all need to see ourselves as playing an important part in the lives of our children. However, we must also remember that we have everything we already need to do that. St. Peter reminds us that God “has given us everything we need” (2 Peter 1:3) to be the people God needs us to be. There is no secret ingredient. 



I would like to take a moment to acknowledge three staff members who will not be returning for the 2020-21 school year. 

Ms. Janelle Antao – Ms. Antao spent this past year as our part time music teacher at St. Jude School. She has accepted a full time Gr. 2 teaching position at Corpus Christi Elementary School. We want to thank Ms. Antao for her efforts this year with our Christmas Concert and with our school mass choir. We wish Ms. Antao every success at her new school. 

Miss Rita Lopez – Miss Lopez joined our school this year as an Educational Assistant in Gr. 5. Miss Lopez was a fantastic EA who was able to be a solid team member here at St. Jude School. Miss Lopez’s career ambition is to become a certified classroom teacher and we are all happy for her being accepted into the Teacher Training Program at SFU. We know Miss Lopez will be a great teacher and we look forward to seeing her back in the CISVA. 

Mrs. Carmie Madeira –  We celebrate the retirement of Mrs. Carmie Madeira. In 1982 Mrs. Madeira began her teaching career as a Gr. 4 teacher at St. Jude School. She taught for 11 years as a teacher before taking time off to raise her two daughters who attended St. Jude School. In 2002, Mrs. Madeira returned to St. Jude School as an educational assistant, a role she has had for the past 18 years. In total, Mrs. Madeira has been with St. Jude School as a teacher, parent, and educational assistant for 38 years. In that time, Mrs. Madeira has certainly made numerous positive contributions to the school community. During the past two years I have seen how Mrs. Madeira has taken the time to make sure others are recognized, appreciated, and cared for. It is Mrs. Madeira who maintains our Birthday Board and she has been a mainstay of our school’s social committee making sure that we come together as a staff to celebrate. We are very appreciative of all that Mrs. Madeira does for our school community. I am sure that we will see Mrs. Madeira over the coming years as she will always be welcomed at St. Jude School. Thank you for all your years of service. 


We want to be able to provide a positive end to the school year for our students while maintaining proper safety protocols. We hope that each family will strongly consider participating so that we can bring a positive close to this school year. Normally the last week of school is filled with step up day, buddy activities, year end parties, assemblies, slide shows, cleaning, and so forth. We know we cannot replicate what was done in the past but we believe we have a plan that will allow for kids to see each other in a positive social environment. 

Starting on June 22 we will begin to host an entire class one at a time over the course of the week. I would like to explain how we plan to do this so that everyone’s safety can be maintained. First, only one class will be at the school at any given time. The class will be hosted in the school gym. By using the school gym as a classroom we can safely maintain physical distancing. The class will also have access to outdoors and all of our school washrooms without having to worry about other classes. We will have a morning session and an afternoon session. The purpose is for the teacher to bring the students together for social interaction, to have a chance to say their goodbyes and to also meet their teacher for next school year. So it is part year end goodbyes and step up day for next school year – new students in Gr. 1 to 7 who will be joining us for 2020-21 are welcome to attend so that they can meet their classmates and their teachers. 

Students and parents will line up outside our gym door facing East 15. We will have tape marking where to stand to maintain proper distancing. Students will be screened before being allowed entry (anyone with Covid19 symptoms will not be allowed entry). We will have hand sanitizer for the student. 

We are allowing for time in between sessions so that the gym and washrooms can be properly disinfected before the next group arrives. 

The schedule will be as follows then:

Monday June 22 – Kindergarten from 9am to 11am; Gr. 1 from 1pm to 3pm

Tuesday June 23 – Gr. 2 from 9am to 11am; Gr. 3 from 1pm to 3pm

Wednesday June 24 – Gr. 4 from 9am to 11am; Gr. 5 from 1pm to 3pm

Thursday June 25 – Gr. 6 from 9am to 11am

*Gr. 7 is having their farewell and recognition ceremony on June 18

*ESW children who need childcare will have access to childcare from Monday June 22 to Thursday June 25 at noon. However, please be advised that it will be childcare only and should only be for those parents who have no other alternatives. Please let the office know if you need childcare for this final week. ESW children will attend their class session and can then return to ESW care. 

With this plan in place, the last day of face to face and online instruction for our students is June 18, 2020. June 19 is a professional development day and there is no instruction that day. Teachers will be using the last week of school to plan for their session with students, lead their session and participate in the step up session as well, collaborate on instructional practices for 2020-21, have transition meetings, and perform a variety of year end tasks.  

We really hope to see each of our students over the course of last week of school. 


This June, report cards are going to be emailed to parents. We are creating PDF copies of the report cards for ease of opening. Each parent will receive a separate email for each child. It is critical that we have your correct email on file so you can receive your child’s report card. Spread the word to your friends in the school that we need their email address. We are not printing report cards. 

Starting on June 22 and continuing up to June 25, parents will begin to receive emails from with your child’s report card attached. There will also be a letter from the principal outlining changes to the June Report Card due to online and remote learning. It is important for parents to read all attachments. 

Please email if you are unsure of whether or not we have your correct email address. 


To order the year book for 2019-2020

Step 1: open   in your browser. 

Step 2: type in the Yearbook ID code 14136520

Step 3: type in your child’s name and grade. You may order multiple copies under one name or add an additional order under a different name (additional orders can be added on the next screen). 

Step 4: Online payments methods accepted are American Express. Mastercard, Discover, or Visa. 


Cambridge Uniform has extended their “Save on the GST” discount until June 15.  They will guarantee uniform delivery prior to the start of the school year for all orders placed by June 15th.  

Check out

St. Jude online school code is: TPA859

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There has been a great response from the online Zoom fittings for families who require assistance with reading size charts, navigating the website and confirming their sizes.  Book an online fitting here:


We will be withdrawing the activity fees and re-registration fees on July 1, 2020. We will be withdrawing tuition (lump sum and first month of September), on August 1, 2020. 

Families must communicate with Richelle Akol, our PEC Chairperson (, and Chris van der Pauw, our Principal ( if you need Tuition Assistance. 


June 15 – Voluntary return to in-person instruction for Essential Service Worker (ESW) children only 

June 16 – Voluntary return to in-person instruction for ESW, K to 5, and Gr. 6 children only 

June 17 – Voluntary return to in-person instruction for ESW children and Gr. 7 children only 

June 18 – Voluntary return to in-person instruction for ESW, K to 5. Promotion Ceremony & Confirmation for Gr. 7. Last day of face to face and online instruction.

June 19 – No School