The Patriot Report – March 28, 2024


“But rejoice to the extent that you share in the sufferings of Christ, so that when his glory is revealed you may also rejoice exultantly.” – 1 Peter 5:13

At times suffering may seem random and meaningless to us. Suffering is one of harder things of life and sometimes it seems unbearable. But in the example of Jesus Christ, we are taught that suffering serves an important purpose. 

I recall learning about the value of suffering most profoundly from Fr. Don Neumann when I was an altar server at St. Luke’s in the 1990s. Fr. Neumann was a wonderful priest. I really looked up to Fr. Neumann and I remember when he told our parish community that he was sick. I can recall with clarity the moment he told the congregation that he an incurable sickness. It was shocking to me that he told us that he was grateful for his sickness because it brought him closer to Christ and to others who were also suffering. I found that difficult to believe. Some years later, Fr. Neumann had become Monsignor Neumann and he was stationed at the Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver. The last meeting I had with him was after a weekday mass at the Cathedral when I was in university. He was quite ill but still saying mass. Afterwards, I visited with him and he was just as joyous as when I knew him before he was sick. He asked about the family and he encouraged me in my studies.

He passed away in 2003 and more than 20 years later I still reflect on how he lived his life in faith and showed me that suffering is not without purpose. Suffering draws us closer to God and to others. Suffering allows us to see the value of human life. Suffering can teach us gratitude and humility. If we have faith in Christ Jesus, then suffering serves an important purpose.  


The Gr. 5 students led the school through a dramatic performance of the Passion of Jesus Christ. Thank you to Mrs. Chao and to the students in the class for helping us prepare for the Easter Triduum. 


Mark your calendars, it’s the most wonderful time of the year–WALKATHON PLEDGE TIME! 

This year will look a little different from past years as we will not be collecting any money ahead of the walkathon. 

Walkathon pledge sheets only will be due on these dates: April 18, April 25, May 2

Walkathon Money will be collected on May 14 and 15th.

More information will be made available after Spring Break.


St. Jude Parish Mass Times for Easter

Holy Thursday Mass – 7pm
Good Friday Stations of the Cross – 10am
Good Friday Service – 3pm
Saturday Easter Vigil Mass – 9 pm
Easter Sunday Mass – 9 am, 11 am, 5 pm


Mar 28 – Holy Thursday – Noon Dismissal

Mar 29 – Good Friday – No School

Apr 1 – Easter Monday – No School

Apr 8 – Walkathon pledge sheets go home

Apr 19 – No School

Apr 26 – Learning Update Goes Home; Noon Dismissal

Apr 29 – Friars Track Meet @ SFU

May 5 – First Communion Mass 2pm

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