The Patriot Report – May 3rd, 2019


On May 1st, it was the feast of St. Joseph the Worker (Jesus’ earthly father and husband to Mary). I never really appreciated the role of St. Joseph until I became a father myself. I find myself thinking a lot about St. Joseph. He knew his son was special and was to be the Messiah. I like to think that Joseph was chosen by God to raise Jesus just as much as Mary and that it was no accident that he was a carpenter.

Carpentry is about creation and hard work. In the time of Joseph, carpentry was labor intensive and surely Jesus would have spent time in his father’s shop. What lessons might Jesus have been taught in that shop? We know that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature (Lk 2:52) and perhaps some of that wisdom came from Joseph.

We actually do not have much reference to Joseph in scripture. But I like to think that Joseph used carpentry to teach Jesus about working with imperfections found in wood. Perhaps Joseph knew that Jesus would have to mold and shape imperfect people into something great.

And so I find myself praying to God asking him to help me set the right example for my children much like St. Joseph did for Jesus.


School Panoramic and Group Photos on May 10

On May 10 we will be having our annual Panoramic School Photo and group photos as well. Please ensure that your child comes to school that day in proper uniform (school sweaters mandatory). We will be having our Panoramic School Photo (all students and staff) at 8:50am so please make sure you are on time for school otherwise you will not be included in the photo. 

Spring Raffle Early Collection

On May 16 parents will be set up after school and possibly in the morning as well, to collect sold raffle ticket stubs and money. Times will be confirmed in next Friday’s newsletter. It is important that “legal aged adults” be the ones to drop off raffle ticket monies and stubs, similar to how tickets were picked up at the start of the raffle. This is the first opportunity to turn in the raffle tickets. The other collection date is June 7. All raffle tickets must be turned in by June 7th. Thank you for your continued support of one of our most important fundraisers. 

Cambridge Uniform Update

I would like to inform parents that at the end of May, we will be purchasing the unsold uniform stock from Neat Uniforms. We will make that stock available for purchase to parents starting the first week of June. These items will be sold at cost as they will only be part of the uniform for the next two years. We are allowing for a 2 year transition to the new uniform from Cambridge Uniforms. If a size is not available from the Neat Uniform stock then parents will need to purchase from Cambridge Uniforms. Uniforms will be available from Cambridge starting June 1, 2019. During the week of June 17-21 Cambridge Uniforms will be on site at St. Jude School to fill uniform orders and if you order during this time frame you will save the GST on your purchases.  Click here to read about Cambridge Uniforms and how to order from them. 

First Communion is this Sunday

Our Gr. 2 students are receiving their First Communion this Sunday, May 5, at 2 pm. We are proud of the journey they have made this year and we continue to pray for them. 

Gr. 7 Confirmation on Tuesday, May 7

Our Gr. 7 students are receiving the sacrament of Confirmation on Tuesday May 7, at 7 pm. The students have been preparing all year for the sacrament and we are proud of their efforts. We continue to pray for the students that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit. 

School Life

Grade 4 Releases Salmon

A Grade 4 student is shown releasing salmon grown in the classroom into the stream at Stanley Park as part of a classroom initiative supported by Fisheries and Oceans Education. 

Here students in Grade 4 are investigating the different biological species found in Beaver Lake at Stanley Park. 

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Upcoming Sport Events

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