The Patriot Report – October 11, 2019


“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” – G.K. Chesterton

It is fitting that gratitude is the theme of my reflection as this weekend is Thanksgiving. I have expressed before the importance of living gratefully. Today I would like to draw your attention to what the research is saying about gratitude. The Medical School at Harvard University explains that studies confirm that there is a relationship between how grateful one is and the feelings of happiness they experience. Gratefulness is defined as “a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible.” It is the conscientious choice to focus on the blessings you have instead of what you do not have. I feel that individuals and communities can practice gratitude. As an individual you can live life always comparing yourself to others and never be grateful for the blessings you have or you can appreciate what you do have and give thanks. Similarly, as a school and parish, we can focus on our limitations or our blessings. We can do this with our children too. If we always look for the flaws in our children we will never fully appreciate the blessings God has bestowed on them. In each situation, we are in control of what we focus on. Do we see what is wrong or do we see what is working and what we can be grateful for?

Our faith is rich with traditions that foster gratitude. We have mass where we give thanks to God. We pray before we eat to acknowledge the blessing of food. We pray for others (a show of appreciation and gratitude for the people in our lives). Let us follow this example and bring a spirit of gratitude to each day. The result might just be we all become a bit more happy and that is something we can all be grateful for. 

To read the Harvard article, follow the link below:



Hot lunch forms for November and December were sent home today.  If you did not receive one, please click here.  All orders are due back on Thursday, October 17, 2019.   


Parent Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Thursday, October 24.  Please click here to book your time slot.  

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Please click here to access the Patriot Spirit Wear order form. We have sample sizes available for you to try on at the office.  All orders are due October 21, 2019. 


While I hope that the snowy weather is a long ways away, I thought it would be prudent to remind parents now of how we approach snow days. First, St. Jude School will try to stay open for all school days. It is never an easy decision to close a school. There are somethings that make our school unique and could impact our ability to stay open. First is that we are a commuter school. Students and staff travel (some of us long distances) to get to the school. Second, we are a feeder school to Notre Dame and it can become confusing if they close and we remain open. Third, we live in a region that does not get much snow and many drivers are ill prepared to drive in snow yet do so anyway. The risk of car accidents greatly increases in such conditions. 
When snow is in the forecast, I will make attempt to make the decision by no later than 7am. I confer with our PEC, with Notre Dame Secondary, with other principals, and with those in the area with respect to the road conditions. If we think that the roads present too much risk, we will close the school. 

If we close the school, we will send a message on Remind, we will use mailchimp to email everyone, and we will post it on our website. Therefore, I strongly encourage all parents to check our website and their email when snow is in the forecast. 

I understand the challenge that a snow day presents to parents. It is never an easy decision but rather one that is made with lots of consultation and deliberation. I ask for your advanced understanding should we ever close due to snow. 


Parents and grandparents of Kindergarten students helped transform the yard into a pumpkin patch. The kids were excited and eager to select a pumpkin. The moment is captured below:


Next Thursday, October 17, Gr. 7 parents will be selling bags of Que Pasa tortilla chips in support of the Gr. 7 Farewell event.

Bags of chips will be sold for $3.00 each. 


St. Jude Parish will be celebrating their 75th Anniversary this month. For this important occasion, there will be a Mass on October 28th at 4pm. Following the mass, there will be a formal reception at 6pm hosted at the Hilton Metrotown. Tickets are $125 each. The parish is looking for door prizes, sponsorship, and donations. Please contact Richelle Akol or the Parish Office if you have questions or are able to assist in any way. Tickets can be purchased through Richelle Akol


RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) runs Thursdays starting at 7:00pm and finishes at 8:30pm. RCIA is led by Fr. Jun and the St. Jude Parish RCIA Team. The program is free and it is open to all including Catholics and non-Catholics who are interested in learning more about the faith. Please contact the Parish office for more information.


Oct 14 – Thanksgiving Day. No School
Oct 15 – Hot Lunch – Pizza Hut
Oct 17 – Hot Lunch – Edo Sushi
Oct 22 – Hot Lunch – Pizza Hut
Oct 24 – Parent Teacher Interviews (10am – 7pm)
Oct 25 – Pro D Day. No School
Oct 28 – St. Jude Parish 75th Anniversary
Oct 29 – Hot Lunch – Pizza Hut
Oct 31 – Halloween Bake Sale / Hot Lunch – Jiro