The Patriot Report – September 2, 2022


Welcome Back St. Jude School

Summer was great! I was able to go camping over on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. What a spectacular coastline we have and how privileged are we that we live here! Miracle Beach, located between Courtenay and Campbell River is a lovely campsite with access to a beach that offers ocean swimming and skim boarding in the shallows. A five minute drive from Miracle Beach is Saratoga beach and that is a white sandy beach worth a days visit for sure. After spending our days at the beach we headed north to Campbell River. 

Campbell River is a fishing town and even though we did not do any fishing, we certainly ate our share of fish and chips! The highlight here was a hike through Elk Falls Provincial Park. We went to see the waterfall, which was spectacular, but were delighted to find ourselves in an old growth forest. To see trees that big was impressive and humbling. It took my family and my brothers family joining together to wrap around a tree. After Campbell River, we went to Powell River on the Sunshine Coast. 

Powell River is close to some nice ocean beaches and it is also home to Powell Lake, a 50 km long lake with depths of over 1000 ft in various places. In Powell River you have beautiful sunsets and the best of ocean water and fresh water experiences. For my family, we really enjoyed spending time on Powell Lake at our friend’s floating cabin.

For the last trip of the summer, my wife and I were able to go to Ucluelet and Tofino for a weekend getaway. Another truly gorgeous destination where once again I found myself humbled by the power of ocean waves, the majesty of old growth cedars, and the beauty of sunsets on the beach.  

 Thus, summer comes to an end and school once again begins. And like the rhythm of crashing waves, we will soon find ourselves back in the rhythm and routine of school. For your children and mine, there will be no doubt a mix of emotions. My eldest doesn’t want school to start (yet secretly I think he is getting bored). My middle one seems to be excited and wants to see his friends. My youngest doesn’t want me or my wife to go to work and is apprehensive about the start of a new grade. In my 3 children I see a spectrum of emotions and no doubt the first week back is going to be tough!

In this first week, I think it is important that we take an approach that is understanding in nature. Our children will go through some challenges as they adjust to new routines. Our young ones may go through some “mommy withdrawal” (that’s my name for it) and will no doubt shed tears about having to leave their parents. Our older ones may go through some extra crankiness as they are no longer able to sleep in. Whatever emotions this first week brings, let’s take an approach that is supportive and encouraging. 

Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!

Sunset Miracle Beach
Elk Falls - Campbell River
Sunrise Campbell River
Mahoods Beach Powell River
Old Growth Cedar in Ucluelet
Sunset Ucluelet


  1. Parking Lot is going to be busy in the morning! Be safe. 
  2. Students are dismissed at 12:00.
  3. First Bell goes at 8:30am.
  4. Students need a snack for recess.
  5. Uniform is expected (summer uniform is acceptable) – new students who do not have a uniform yet can wear navy blue pants and a white polo shirt.
  6. School supplies delivered to your home needs to accompany your child to school.
  7. After School Club is operating.


The City of Vancouver has created school specific street parking along Nootka for the school to use in order to create less congestion along East 15th and in our parking lot. We will be using the drop off lane on the first day. The most important rules in our parking lot is to go SLOW and be SAFE. 


St. Jude School is pleased to announce the hiring of Miss Ailish Daly as an EA and After School Club Facilitator. Miss Ailish has experience in teaching ESL, running After School Club programs, and has her Masters Degree in Art Therapy. She has recently moved here from Ireland and she is excited to start on Tuesday, September 6th. 

St. Jude School would like to thank Miss Nicole Hombrebueno for her service to school last year. 


Parents are reminded to sign up for the After School Club through our website: 

Please note that there has been a very small price increase. You can read more below. 

Description of Club: Will run daily Monday-Friday 3:00-6:00 p.m. It will also be in operation from 12 noon to 6 PM on Curriculum Planning (early dismissal) days. It will not operate on professional or conference days or holidays. Students will engage in games, arts and crafts, reading/homework, and outdoor play.

Cost per child is $13.00/day or $55.00/week on regular school days. If the child is picked up before 4:00 pm it will be $6.50. On early dismissal (12 Noon) days the cost will be $25 to 6:00 pm or $13 if the child is picked up before 3 pm. (Those who are attending the whole week and paying $55 a week will not be charged extra for early dismissal days).


Wednesday, September 7, is our first school mass of the year. Students are asked to wear full uniforms for mass. Parents are invited to join us for our weekly school mass at St. Jude Church each Wednesday at 9am. 


This past week, we had a number of former St. Jude School students come in to help with the set up required for the start of the school year. Without their help, we would not be ready for Tuesday. I am grateful for their spirit of service and their hard work! Many thanks!


Over the summer a number of projects were completed. We replaced the flooring in 3 learning resource rooms and the music room. We also painted all 4 of those learning spaces. We also repaired the retaining wall around the playground and added over 80 yards of pea gravel to the playground surface. The Archdiocese is also finishing up their project of renovating the convent building, turning it into a Redemptoris Mater Seminary. We look forward to welcoming our new neighbours! 


I would like to remind families of the following uniform rules:

  1. Our uniform policy is found online in the parent handbook.
  2. Summer Uniform can be worn from now until Thanksgiving.
  3. Polo Shirts are to be St. Jude School polo shirts purchased through Cambridge Uniforms.
  4. Cambridge is offering a pants option for girls and this must be purchased through Cambridge Uniforms.
  5. All sweaters must be up to date (St. Jude Crest on the sweater). Sweater vests or cardigans are a part of our school mass attire.
  6. Black shoes are required for indoor shoes – if you would like clarification on shoes please see your classroom teacher or the principal.
  7. Every Friday is Patriots Spirit Wear: (students are not allowed to wear items that are not school issued).
    • PE strip is a part of Patriots Spirit Wear.
    • Patriots hoodies, sweatpants, and long sleeve warm ups.
    • Walkathon shirts.


Hot Lunch orders will go out this week. The first hot lunch day will be September 13, 2022. All hot lunch orders are completed online using Munchalunch. 


Please subscribe to our school calendar for a list of important dates. 

To subscribe to our calendar feed copy the link below and paste it into your calendar app:


Permission slips for Cross Country will go out next week. Students from Gr. 2 to Gr. 7 are encouraged to join. Top 4 runners per gender per grade will compete in the CISVA Cross Country Championship on October 5, 2022. 


Parents please go directly to:

Then click on the following:

– Parents Shop Here

– Purchase School Supply Kits

– Select Province, then City, then School

– Click Here to Purchase Your School Kits

– Lastly, click on your child’s Grade.


This past year we handed out $1200 in rewards to parents that referred students to our school. Every student that is referred and enrolls in our school for the year results in a reward of $200 for the the referring family. 

We currently have spots available in Kindergarten, Gr. 1, and Gr. 2. 

To learn more about the referral program, please click here


Sept 6 – First Day of School – Noon Dismissal

Sept 22 – Meet the Teacher Night

Sept 23 – Care Day – Noon Dismissal

Sept 30 – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – No School

You can subscribe to our school calendar here